* Source: Ivan Hanousek / Czech Republic


Well-known Belgian cartoonist Constantin Sunnerberg created new interesting work of art called “Mountainous alphabet” that we now have the pleasure to present you.


* Source: Constantin Sunnerberg / Belgium


Artwork by Willem RASING / Holland: Prime minister Erdogan is facing turbulence in Turkey. A Dali type of situation and portrait.

Willem Rasing-Situation in Turkey

* Source: Willem Rasing – President of FECO-Holland




* Read also an article by Spanish journalist Francisco Punal Suarez about Yuri Kosobukin – click here

* Source: Francisco Punal Suarez / Spain


HDK logoThe Croatian Cartoonists Association exhibits in Istanbul

On Saturday, October 5, an exhibition of the Croatian Cartoonists Association has been opened in the city center of Istanbul presenting the Croatian cartoon. It is the follow-up of the Croatian cartoon presentation in the world which started two years ago in Norway and was continued last year with an exhibition in Saint Just le Martel in France.

There were about 60 guests at the opening (most of whom were Turkish cartoonists) and among them there were Amir Muharemi, Consul General of Croatia in Istanbul and the director of libraries and museums of İstanbul metropolitan municipality Ramazan Minder, who opened the exhibition together with Metin Peker, the president of the Turkish Cartoonists Association and Davor Trgovcevic, the president of the Croatian Cartoonists Association.

An arrangement was made with the friendly hosts from the Turkish Cartoonists Association to have an exhibition in Croatia presenting Turkish cartoon which should take place there in 2014.

At the exhibition were present Davor Trgovcevic, the president of the Croatian Cartoonists Association, Zdenko Puhin, General Secretary and Milan Lekić, the Vice President, who thrilled the guests with his blitz portrait cartoons which most of the guests got as a present.

Zdenko PUHIN, General Secretary of HDK/CCA


OpeningOpening of the exhibition of the Croatian Cartoonists Association in Istanbul

ExhibitionThe exhibition of Croatian cartoons in Istanbul

Ivan HaramijaCartoon by Ivan HARAMIJA (Hans) / Croatia

Marko IvicCartoon by Marko IVIC / Croatia


* Source: Zdenko Puhin – General Secretary of HDK/CCA / Croatia


We highly recommend new exhibition of paintings and illustrations by renowned artists Andrzej and Jerzy Gluszek which will take place from 17 October to 31 October 2013 in the Gallery ENTHUSIASTIC in Wroclaw, Poland.


Jerzy Gluszek - Catch

Jerzy GLUSZEK – Catch


* Source: Jerzy Gluszek


Boligan v ArgentíneOpening of the exhibition in Rosario, Argentina – on the right side cartoonist Angel Boligan


Argentina: Angel Boligan at his exhibition in Rosario

Written by: Francisco Punal Suarez (Spain)

With great success develops the exhibition “Labyrinth of appearances”, which with the presence of its author, the Cuban Mexican artist Angel Boligan was inaugurated in the Centro Cultural of Roberto Fontanarrosa in the city of Rosario, Argentina, and will remain open until the October 14. The exhibition, which is the first by Boligan in Argentina, consisting of little more than one hundred works, all with themes socially important and offers a clever and critical gaze of the XXI century society.

Angel Boligan, currently one of the greatest representatives of graphic humor with over one hundred twenty awards and mentions at international events, is a cartoonist out of series with its extensive and diverse work, characterized by an exquisite drawing, use accurate color, no text, influence of film language and a universal perspective, addressing such burning issues as pollution, commodification of society, religion, political corruption, drug trafficking, a sedentary lifestyle, hunger, war, child abuse, new technologies, trash television, consumerism and other multiple aspects, given their constant and sharp observer of human psychology, economic contradictions and social conflicts that exist in the universe.

Boligan is currently collaborating with the Mexican newspaper “El Universal” and the magazines “Conozca Más”, “El Chamuco” and others. He presides the agency Cartoon Club (Club de la caricatura latinoamericana ).

Events held in countries as diverse as Bulgaria, Italy, Peru, Cuba, China, Turkey, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, USA, Portugal, Germany, Iran, Mexico and many others, have admired, applauded and awarded this ingenious artist. Meetings such as the World Press Cartoon, Sintra, and PortoCartoon, Porto, both of Portugal, have been granted him the highest honors.

In the catalog published expressly for this exhibition, Rafael Ielpi, director of Roberto Fontanarrosa Cultural Center, writes: “Criticism accurate and-when necessary-acid drawings by Boligan always have a purpose: to remind us that we inhabit a planet whose destruction contribute by action or omission encourages us to defend the rights of freedom against authoritarianism; alert about the danger of becoming handled by machines and robots on the ridiculousness of our actions. “

Argentina – expresses Boligan – is a country with a very fertile land where there are large internationally renowned cartoonists, is admirable the amount of their signatures that transcend borders and are admired worldwide, as Quino, Fontanarrosa Hermenegildo, Sabat, Nine , Napo, Crist, Mordillo, Caloi, Cardo and many others that the list is endless, then be invited to exhibit in this land is like going to “dance in spin house” as we say popularly in our land.



Here are some drawings by Angel Boligan from the exhibition in Argentina:

Angel Boligan / Mexico


Angel Boligan / Mexico


Angel Boligan / Mexico

*****Angel Boligan / Mexico*****

Angel Boligan / Mexico

*****Angel Boligan / Mexico

Drawings by: Angel BOLIGAN (Mexico)


* Source: Francisco PUNAL SUAREZ (Spain)


These days, visited Slovakia a renowned German cartoonist with Czech-Slovak roots Jan Tomaschoff. This visit was of course a rare opportunity to meet with Slovak colleagues, which brought them a chance to spend with Jan Tomaschoff and his brother Peter several very pleasant hours. Host of the event was a leading Slovak theoretician of humor and writer Kornel Foldvari who invited his guests into a comfortable interior of stylish inn in Bratislava. The meeting was attended by Slovak cartoonists Kazo Kanala, Fero Jablonovsky and Karol Cizmazia. This pleasantly and usefully spent afternoon will cause in the future, another very interesting activities, about which we will obviously inform you in time.

Jan TomaschoffWell-known German cartoonist Jan Tomaschoff

*****StretnutieThe meeting: Fero Jablonovsky, Jan Tomaschoff, Peter Tomaschoff, Kornel Foldvari

*****Príjemná atmosféraPleasant atmosphere of the meeting – from the left side: Kazo Kanala, Kornel Foldvari, Fero Jablonovsky, Jan and Peter Tomaschoff

*****Plány do budúcnostiPlans to future: Jan Tomaschoff, Karol Cizmazia, Fero Jablonovsky

* Photo: Karol Cizmazia, Fero Jablonovsky


* See also the profile of Jan Tomaschoff in the Cartoon Gallery – click HERE


Pavel Taussig well-known artist of Slovak origin living in Germany (collage creator, longtime editor of the famous humor magazines and writer) will present his new highly successful book HANA” at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany. We have great pleasure in the success of our colleague. Congratulations!



* See also the great representative exhibition of collages of Pavel Taussig – click HERE


* Source: Pavel Taussig / Germany


Kremnické gagy

This year’s KREMNICA GAGS had traditionally very high level and we can confidently say that were one of the best ones in the respectable history of the festival. We have to appreciate the excellence of the organization of the festival – all worked accurately as the best Swiss clock. Our thanks go primarily to the festival manager Jan Fakla, festival director Roman Vykysaly and the whole implementation team who with their work not only during the festival, but actually during the whole past year contributed to the smooth running of the entire demanding machinery and hence to the amazing artistic experiences of countless visitors of this renowned European festival.

Ján Faklavykysaly4

Jan FAKLA, manager of the festival Roman VYKYSALY, director of the festival


We very highly evaluate also the course of events related to “Cartoons and other recession artworks”. At the festival took place the following events:

  • Exhibition of nominated cartoonists in the Museum of coins and medals
  • Auction of blank paper with subsequent evaluation with drawings by present cartoonists
  • Exhibition “BEFORE and 20 years AFTER’ from longlasting creative work of Vladimir Jiranek and Fedor Vico for the newspaper “Lidove noviny”, which is a unique drawn historical record of Czech-Slovak coexistence before and after the split of the common state of Czechs and Slovaks
  • Improcartoon – improvised public drawing on the given topic (33 – Christ’s Years)
  • Announcement of the winners and awarding the prize “Golden Gander”

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of cartoonist’s events.



  • Riber HANSSON / Sweden
  • Stefan DESPODOV / Bulgaria
  • Jozsef Sandor BEKESI – Joe / Hungary
  • SATYRYKON Legnica – collection of cartoons on the topic “Football” / Poland
  • Fedor VICO / Slovakia
  • Laco TORMA / Slovakia
  • Fero LIPTaK / Slovakia
  • Juraj CUTEK / Slovakia
  • Vladimir JIRANEK (Lifetime Achievement) / Czech Republic

Riber Hansson / SwedenStefan Despodov / Bulgaria

Riber Hansson / Sweden Stefan Despodov / Bulgaria

Joe Bekesi / HungariaFedor Vico / Slovensko

Jozsef Sandor Bekesi / Hungary Fedor Vico / Slovakia

Laco Torma / SlovakiaFero Lipták / Slovensko

Laco Torma / Slovakia Fero Liptak / Slovakia

Juraj Cutek / SlovakiaVladimír Jiranek / Czech Republic

Juraj Cutek / Slovakia Vladimir Jiranek / Czech Republic




Opening of the exhibition of nominated cartoonists in the Museum of coins and medals


Exhibition of cartoons


Collection of cartoons by Stefan Despodov


Collection of cartoons from Satyrykon Legnica on the topic “Football”


Exhibited artworks by Fero Liptak and Juraj Cutek



with subsequent evaluation of auctioned paper with drawings by present cartoonists

Dražba - Riber Hansson

Swedish artist Riber Hansson during the “evaluation” of auctioned blank paper



from longslasting creative work of Vladimir Jiranek and Fedor Vico, for the newspaper Lidove noviny, which is unique drawn historical record of Czecho-Slovak coexistence before and after the split of the common state of Czechs and Slovaks

Pred a po

Pred a po

Opening of the exhibition “Before and after” – Fero Jablonovsky and Fedor Vico



improvised public drawing of cartoonists on the given topic: 33 – Christ’s Years


Dana Zacharova, Stefan Despodov, Jano Valter and Laco Torma during the drawing at “Improcartoon”


Ivan Popovic and Riber Hansson during the drawing at “Improcartoon”


Finished collective work – 1st part


Finished collective work – 2nd part



During the final day of the 33rd edition of the European Festival of Humour and Satire “Kremnica gags 2013, have been inaugurated the winners of the individual competition categories, who also have been granted the prestigious “Golden Gander” and “Stricken goose” awards.

About the award of the prestigious “Golden Gander” has decided Academy of humor, led by the President, Hungarian actor Janos Ban. Academy members for the year 2013 have been choreographer Sarka Ondrisova, actriz Jana Olhova, dramaturgist and writer Viliam Klimacek, music composer Matej Drlicka, actor Martin Vanek, visual artist Karol Cizmazia, Head of European Commission Representation in Slovakia Dusan Chrenek, director of Bulgarian institut in Bratislava Elena Arnaudova, director of Hungarian institut in Bratislava Istvan Kollai, Iveta Radicova for the awarding the prize of Stano Radic for the discovery of the year and for the category of Stricken goose Roman Vykysaly.

In “our” category, i.e. in the category of “Cartoons and other recession artworks” become the winners and the award “Golden Gander” obtained:

Stefan DESPODOV from Bulgaria and Slovak cartoonist Laco TORMA

Stefan Despodov / BulharskoLaco Torma / Slovensko

Stefan DESPODOV / Bulgaria Laco TORMA / Slovakia

The “Golden Gander Lifetime Achievement Award” in memoriam the Academy awarded recently deceased legendary Czech cartoonist Vladimir JIRANEK

Vladimír Jiránek / Česká republika

Vladimir JIRANEK / Czech Republic


* So that we approache you a great atmosphere of the festival (especially the part concerning cartoons), we offer you the photodocumentation – see it HERE


* For more information click the link: http://www.gagy.sk/



July 14 – August 4, 2013
910 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, New York











Source: Marcin Bondarowicz / Poland


KaJ 2013 - pozvánka

Cartoon and Jazz 2013

(Press release)

For the fith time, Cartoon and Jazz has became a part of Festival of Dodo Sosoka. During this time, more then 21 cartoonists from 6 countries have presented more than 180 cartoons.

On Friday (7th June 2013), in the frame of the first festival performance, we have opened Jazzcafe exhibition of Jiri Sliva (an extra exhibition of a world-known artist from Czech republic). He has presented his works in Art Jazz Gallery Kursalon , where most of the concerts were held. That was a start of concept, we set according to the this year and which we called „Jazz among Pictures.“ This way seems to be good, atmosphere of the club gained better feeling and even the jazz mood fits to Jiri Sliva’s works.

On 15th June, we opened the second part of this year’s exhibition in the main hall of the House of Art as the beginning of the main jazz performance. Thanks to this „special exhibition“, fans of cartoons could listen to a good jazz music and fans of jazz could enjoy the music by seeing really nice pictures. After all, is there any other exhibition with such a great performance full of top jazz stars? If I use jazz terminology, this part of the exhibition could be equal to jamsession, in the frame of which musicians of different generations and different countries perform together. There is a place for a solo for each of them but together, they create concert full of improvisation and emotions. And this is even part of jazz and caricature. This year, on the side of cartoonists have played Vladimir Kazanevsky (Ukraine), Michal Keckes and Bobo Pernecky (Slovakia), Marie Plotena (Czech republic) and Pavel Taussig (Germany). Three techniques were presented at the exhibitons mostly: humorouse cartoon, portrait caricature ad even collage for the first time.

The exhibition stays on its places almost one month after the festival ends. Between Jiri Sliva’s works, regular jazz concerts will be played and even in the House of Art, we infected 58th edition of Piestany Festival with the Trojan horse of jazz caricature. Nowadays, we started to discuss the next pilgrimage of cartoon to other (jazz) spheres as we did in the frame of previous festivals.

Bobo Pernecky

on behalf of festival realization team

* The exhibition will last until 28th June 2013


More info:




Jiří Slíva-Jazz Café

Jiri SLIVA / Czech Republic

Marie Plotěná-Klavir barevny

Marie PLOTENA / Czech republic

* Source: Bobo Pernecky


Texts and images provided by Francisco PUNAL SUAREZ



Rich and poor have been arguing for decades on who should foot the bill for the great crises of capitalism … Be it in the grey despair on the faces of the unemployed following the New York stock market debacles in the Autumn of 1929, in the colourful protest barricades of the Spring 1968 in Paris, in demonstrations or on the street walls of Buenos Aires, Lisbon or Nairobi, a watchword today flows articulated into several languages ​​and subtleties but always the same: “let the rich to pay for the crisis!”

And thus the World Press Cartoon Sintra 2013 saloon is once again taken by the fever of a crisis with its epicentre in the European Union. The pessimism of Europeans is reflected in the ‘mocking abuse’ thrown at Angela Merkel, or in the melancholy of a portrait of François Hollande, side by side with the bright colours of a most beautiful caricature of Evo Morales, the always happy features of Mandela and the inevitable fashionable footballers now in the Messi era. Timeless or recurring themes animate the colours: Adam and Eve in Paradise, environmental threats, energy prices. Graphics editorials about the gloomy state of the world (especially the euro, the markets, the self-destruction of Syria) dominate over the landscape.

The work by Greek author Michael Kountouris has been awarded the Grand Prix, and is the synthesis of the spirit of this 2013 Saloon: a disaster scenario where the European team of rescuers is pathetically spectator on the citizen victims of the heralded disaster. Disorientation and revulsion have raged throughout Europe and touched its cartoons by reflecting the colours of this wave of pessimism that oppresses us. The advantage is that they make us think, laugh and move on.

Humour´s great virtue is its power for inner change. Slowly wandering by the cartoons assembled in this exhibition and giving each of them the time needed to open a smile for us, is a good response to the crisis. Sovereign debt, unemployment and bankruptcies will not come to an end … but we shall be prepared to face the next day with in a better spirit mood.

The cartoon has an irreplaceable place in the Press and it deserves the attention and homage that we regularly pay tribute to in this way. Navigating through the European storm in Europe, with tremendous financial constraints, we continue a journey by organising yearly in Sintra with indefectible municipal support, another one of already nine editions of large exhibitions of graphic humour in the world press. We want to come back in 2014 to commemorate the 10th World Press Cartoon! Towards that goal, we revel in the encouraging words continuously received from authors, publishers, critics and the public. At a time when newspapers are still feeling threatened, nothing is too much to highlight the fundamental place they occupy in our lives. And with them, so is the cartoon.

As sombre as present times may be, nothing is better so as to face adversity than to arm ourselves with a smile. Once again, to the readers of this catalogue and visitors to the exhibition we propose the therapy of humour… Let the crisis be paid with smiles!

Antonio Antunes – Rui Paulo da Cruz – Pedro Pereira da Silva




  • Marilena Nardi / Italy
  • Ricardo Antunes / Brazil
  • Riber Hansson / Sweden
  • Francisco Puñal Suárez / Spain
  • António Antunes / Portugal

(* More about the jury members – read HERE)


The jury’s decision – winners in the particular categories


Drawing 475 – Pablo Lobato. Argentine cartoonist, won first prize in the category of caricature drawing with the “Evo Morales”, published in the Chilean magazine Qué Pass on 08/06/12.

Drawing 081 – Jarbas. Brazilian cartoonist, won the second prize in the category of caricature drawing “Mandela”, published in the Diario de Pernambuco Brazil on 12/19/12.

Drawing 381 – Carbalo. Spanish cartoonist, won the third prize in the category of caricature drawing with “Messi”, published in the Spanish magazine El Jueves on 11/21/12.


Drawing 603 – Kountouris. Greek cartoonist, won first prize in the category of editorial design “Team EU bailout”, published in Greek Efimerida Ton Syntakton on 12/12/12.

Drawing 478 – Spiro Radulovic. Serbian cartoonist, won the second prize in the category of editorial with drawing “Untitled”, published in Serbian Politika on 12/23/12.

Drawing 086 – Greg. Brazilian cartoonist, won the third prize in the category of editorial design “The greatest enemy of the U.S.”, published in the Diario de Pernambuco Brazil on 12/15/12.


Drawing 447 – Saeed. Iranian cartoonist wins the first prize in the category of humor drawing with the drawing “Economic Downturn”, published in Iranian Jam-e-Jam on 08/07/12.

Drawing 27 – Rousso. French cartoonist, won the second prize in the category of humor drawing with the drawing “Who is?”, published in the French magazine Barricade on 01/05/12.

Drawing 170 – Zuleta. Columbian cartoonist, won the third prize in the category of humor drawing with the drawing “free woman!”, published in The World of Peruvian Karry on 17/12/12.


Drawing 603 – Kountouris. Greek cartoonist, won first prize in the category of editorial design “Team EU bailout”, published in Greek Efimerida Ton Syntakton on 12/12/12.

Michael Kountouris Greece GrandPrix

GRAND PRIX & 1st PRIZE “Editorial cartoon”: Michael KOUNTOURIS / Greece

Spiro Radulovic Serbia 2prize Caricatura Editorial

2nd PRIZE “Editorial cartoon” – Spiro RADULOVIC / Serbia

Greg Brasi l3prize Caricatura Editorial

3rd PRIZE “Editorial cartoon” – GREG / Brazil

Pablo Lobato / Argentina - 1st prize Personal caricature

1st PRIZE “Personal caricature” – Pablo LOBATO / Argentina

Jarbas Brasil-2nd prize Personal caricature

2nd PRIZE “Personal caricature” – JARBAS / Brazil

Javier Carbajo Spain 3prize  Personal caricature

3rd PRIZE “Personal caricature” – CARBALLO / Spain

Saeed Iran 1prize Humor

1st PRIZE “HUMOR” – SAEED / Iran

Rousso France 2pize Humor

2nd PRIZE “Humor” – ROUSSO / France

Zuleta Colombia 3 prize Humor

3rd PRIZE “Humor” – ZULETA / Colombia


The Grand Prize won cartoonist Michael Kountouris from Greece. He said:

About the cartoon:

In 2010 we had the troika coming to Greece for the first time and since then we were offered three rescue packages. Each time they were trying to save us, austerity measures were harder; each time they were trying to save us incomes were cut and unemployment increased, each time they were trying to save us people’s anger and despair increased, and more and more suicides happened. And crisis is still here, no rescue was achieved.
This situation was the inspiration for my cartoon.

About satire and humor :

2.500 years ago, in the era of Aristophanes, the greatest writer of satirical comedy, satire was the most efficient weapon to oppose, resist and fight the gods. Today, satire still is the only way to fight modern gods: money, lust for power, exploitation, greed …



by Francisco PUNAL SUAREZ

Portugal, who livesin all their citiesdemonstrationsagainstcutsandausterity policyof the Portuguese government,hasa whipinhisrightcartoonists who are expressingpopular discontentandthe need for change.

The fourteenth edition of Cartoon Xira, organized by the Municipality of Vila Franca de Xira, presents an exhibition of the best original drawings published in the press in 2012, by prominent cartoonists Portuguese: Antonio Antunes, Andre Carrilho, Augusto Cid, Antonio Jorge Gonçalves, Cristina Sampaio, Antonio Maia and Henrique Monteiro, and also, the exhibition ” Some animals and others”, composed by physiognomic caricatures and poetry drawings of animals, from the Colombian Turcios, guest artist, until 14 April.

Maria da Luz Rosinha, President of the City Council of Vila Franca de Xiro opened the event and she said the humor presents current issues addressed from a critical point of view in this time of crisis.

Viewers can appreciate how authors Portuguese whip social and political situations of Portugal and the rest of the world.

Thus, the municipality of Vila Franca de Xira, located thirty kilometers from Lisbon, Portugal, makes a very valid cultural commitment in defense of humor and political cartoons.

* (author of the article is a Spanish journalist)

Inauguracion de Cartoon Xira 2013

Opening of CARTOON XIRA, Portugal

Vista general del Salon de Cartoon Xira Portugal

A general view of CARTOON XIRA

Turcios recorre con la alcaldesa Maria da Luz Rosinha su muestra en CartoonXira

Turcios accompanies the President of the municipality of Xira through his exposure

Antonio Antunes-Faena de Rajoy

Antonio ANTUNES – Rajoy’s chore

Andre Carrilho-El plano de Merkel

André CARRILHO – Merkel plan

Antonio Jorge Gonçalves-Europa hoy

Antonio Jorge GONCALVES – Europe today

Antonio Jorge Gonçalves-Ayuda

Antonio Jorge GONCALVES – Help

Augusto Cid-Medio camino andado

Augusto CID – Median path

Henrique Monteiro-La cola de Europa

Henrique Monteiro – European circle

Antonio Maia-Crises

Antonio MAIA – Crisis

Antonio Maia-Sem palavras

Antonio MAIA – Without words

Turcios-Angela Merkel

Omar TURCIOS – Angela Merkel

Turcios-Benedicto  XVI

Omar TURCIOS – Benedikt VI.

Turcios-Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Omar TURCIOS – Gabriel García Marquez

Turcios-Jose Saramago

Omar TURCIOS – Jose Saramago



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