Levon Abrahamian

Levon Abrahamian was born in 1947 in Yerevan, Armenia. Cultural anthropologist by specialty. Author of some 200 publications including four books. His cartoons bear the stamp of his profession, they demythologize the sacred and mythologize the profane. Yu. Akopyan characterized his style as “comical anthropology” (Literaturnaia Armenia, 1985, № 10). He has illustrated five books on anthropology and philosophy including his book “Armenian Identity in a Changing World” (Mazda Publishers, 2006). His first cartoon dates back to 1964. In 1965, illustrated Gorky’s “Mother” and a school textbook of Soviet history (were confiscated by the school administration). Since 1977, Levon Abrahamian has participated at the Yerevan, different regional, All-Soviet Union, and international cartoon exhibitions. Member of the Association of Caricaturists of Armenia (since 2004). He has won 8 awards, the first in 1985 (special prize in Gabrovo) and the last in 2014 (2nd award at the Second International Graphic Humour Festival “The Sunny Dragon” in Yerevan) interpret the story of Noah’s Ark. His first award in Kindasovo (Karelia) for comical mythology (1989) gives Levon Abrahamian the right of duty-free fishing in a local Karelian river; he plans to realize this after retiring. Levon Abrahamian is living and working in Yerevan, Armenia.

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