Lubomir LICHY

Lubomir Lichy

Lubomir Lichy was born on 24th December 1945 in Banska Bystrica and grew up in Hradec Kralove in the former Czechoslovakia. He graduated from the School of Civil Engineering. He was intensely devoted to drawing since his childhood, and later was led by the legendary master of Czech cartoons Vladimir Renčín. He published his drawings in many newspapers and magazines (Zemedelske noviny, Zemske noviny, Denik, Bohemia, Dikobraz, etc). Lubomir Lichy presented his work at several solo and numerous collective exhibitions at home and abroad (most recently in Pisek along with his Polish colleague Maciej Trzepalka). He participated in several international cartoon contests and his works received important awards, such as: 1st prize – Znojmo, Czech Rep. 2005 and 2010; Tichy Mat 2008; 2nd prize – Humorest Hradec Kralove, Czech Rep. 2000 and 2004; 3rd prize – For for FOR 2007; Humorest 2008, Golden Keg Presov, Slovakia 2004, Biennial Pisek, Czech Rep. 2007; twice Debiut prize Zielona Gora, Poland 2008 and 2013. Lubomir Lichy issued several his own books (Cemetery Flowers, 33 ways how to use your husband; 33 ways how to use your wife; Murphy’s Laws for radiologists; Advice for the cat, Murphy’s handle of an erektic; Cook for all cases; The crisis is everywhere…and what?!; How to survive the end of the world). He illustrated more than 70 books. Currently he is concentrated mainly to free art work and graphic design (PF’s, posters, books, advertising, calendars, cartoons, etc). He collaborates with several publishing houses, magazines and newspapers (Bulletin of Advocacy, Watch Magazine, Emerald, Knihovnicka receptu, Literarni noviny) and with publisher J.Verslujs from Holland. He is a member of the Czech Union of Cartoonists. In addition to his art work he is focused for a long time to the blues music. Lubomir Lichy lives and works in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

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