Rene Bouschet

René Bouschet aka “Erby Kézako” or “R*B” was born on 30th May 1947 in Bessèges in the South of France in a family of miners. At 17, after graduating, he obtained a Certificate of Elementary Teacher. Then he continued his studies at the University of Bordeaux and at the University of Montpellier, where he obtained a psychology degree. Then he held various jobs: as a tutor in childhood overseas home, a teacher in private school, lifeguard, teacher of physical education, psychomotor, monitor with disabled children, etc. He became a teacher in an institution for mentally handicapped children and then become a CAT (Centre for assistance through work) for the mentally handicapped adolescents and adults. René Bouschet has been drawing since his early childhood. Currently, you can see his poetic work on various sites on the Web. With the Web he discovered in 1997 an area of freedom. He draws and collaborates in numerous publications on Web, periodicals, fanzines, posters, various french newspapers and magazines or exhibitions of digital drawings. To publicize his images on world events, he created “Kezako Weekly”. He participated at international cartoon contests and his works have been awarded prestigious prizes. Since his heart condition, René Bouschet does not take part any more in the exhibitions of drawings but only through the Web, in all the countries of the world which agree to expose his work. But – at home – he continues to draw for friends and customers: covers of books, CD covers, illustrations of books, T-shirts, posters, calendars, postcards, etc. René Bouschet is living and working in Avèze – Le Vigan, France.

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