Istvan Kelemen

Istvan Kelemen was born on 26th June 1957 in Baja, Hungary. His first cartoons appeared in around 1977 in magazines „Nimrod”, „Magyar Ifjusag” and „Magyar Horgasz”. Later he get regular contracts from various newspapers and magazines, including sci-fi, economic, propaganda and trade issues. Istvan Kelemen graduated from the College of Arts and Crafts in 1989, majoring animation film and video. His animation “Robinsonade” was widely shown in Hungary. Istvan Kelemen was first commissioned to illustrate books at Mora publishing company and first noted awards he earned for his illustrations for Europa Publishing Company. At the moment, he has illustrated more than 100 books (mainly youth, humorous and satirical books). He presented his artworks at individual and collective exhibitions at home and abroad. In the past three years he participated in Hungarian and international cartoon contests and won a number of prizes (2nd Prize – Cyprus 2008; 3rd Prize – Vianden, Luxembourg 2009; Audience Award – Germany 2010; Diploma – Bulgaria 2010;  Selected Prize – China 2011; Best digital cartoon – Italy 2012;  Cava prize – Humour a Gallarate Italy 2012). He is often invited to be a member of juries of international cartoon contests (Hungary 2008-2013; Germany 2011, Slovakia 2012-2013). Istvan Kelemen has organised a number of the International Cartoon Contests in Hungary: 1st – 6th Baja Cartoon Competition 2008-2013; 1st and 2nd Selective Cartoon Contest 2010-2012.; Axial Cartoon Contest 2012; Icehockey Cartoon Contest 2013. In the past fifteen years he invigorates social life of his home town by editing and publishing different papers. Istvan Kelemen is a member of the Arts Fund, the Association of Hungarian Fine and Applied Arts and the Association of Hungarian Journalists. He is living and working in Baja, Hungary.

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