Andrea Bersani

Andrea Bersani was born on 7th May 1955 in Bologna, Italy. He graduated at the ISAB – the Art Institute in Bologna with the degree of Bachelor of Applied Arts. Subsequenly he taught for a short period „Painted decoration“ on this Institute. Today it is 40 years (1975) since Andrea Bersani focuses on creative work in the field of “Visual Communication” as a graphic designer, advertiser and illustrator. His artworks have been published in numerous newspapers and magazines in Italy and abroad (USA, Serbia, Croatia, Iran, Argentina, Bosnia, Cyprus, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, etc). Andrea Bersani has been included in “The Dictionary of Contemporary Illustrators”. Reviews to his creative work have been written by Oddone Ricci (writer), Franco Spiritelli (journalist), Paul Pombeni (political expert), Stefano Bicocchi / Vito (actor), Alfio Krancic (cartoonist), Roberto Chiesi (film critic) and Giovanni / Gio Romanini (cartoonist). He collaborated or collaborates with a large number of publishers (e.g. Editoriale Bologna, Nuova Frontiera dell’Arte, Nuova Iniziativa Editoriale, Editoriale Libero, Blue Press, Società Veneta Edizioni, Aspirina, Campagnoli, Icon and many others). Andrea Bersani always liked humor in graphic art and cartoons – he produced many works for his own passion and – being published – also for others amusement. He won a number of competitions, participated in numerous exhibitions around Italy and the world. Andrea Bersani is still living and working in his hometown Bologna where he has a small studio.

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