Constantin CIOSU

Constantin Ciosu was born on 29th September 1938 in Moineşti, Romania. He made his debut in the local daily newspaper, then started to publish regularly in the humorous magazine «Urzica», the only satirical magazine issued in Romania during communism. He graduated at the University of Fine Arts in Cluj-Napoca (1964). His works have been shown at all National Salons from 1968 to the present day. He had daily editorial cartoon in local newspapers (1995-2010), and his drawing were included in most of the Romanian cultural magazines. He owns 43 national awards. Since 1961, his drawings have been taken by international magazines as well – Yeni Akrep (Cyprus), Palante (Cuba), Jez (Yugoslavia), Punch (England), Pardon (Germany), Euro Jeux & GAG (France), Eulenspiegel, Berliner kurier (Germany), Cartoon & Caricature (Iran), Osten (Macedonia), etc. He made his debut in the International Cartoon Salons in 1973, where he was awarded the third prize, at Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Now he owns 95 international awards, out of which the most important ones are: First Prize – 1975 Skopje (Macedonia),1983 Taipei, 1995 Beringen (Belgium), 1996 Knokke-Heist (Belgium), Teheran (Iran), 2003 Hanjing (China), 2004 Presov (Slovakia), Rhodes (Greece), 2005 Knokke-Heist (Belgium), 2008 Syria. Constantin Ciosu presented his artworks at 13 individual exhibitions. He published cartoon albums and made book illustration. A“Best of Constantin Ciosu” album was published in 2008 at Crisan publishing house. Member of various juries at national and international Salons. Works hosted at the Cartoon Museum in Basel and in private collections in Belgium and Switzerland. At the moment, he is editorial cartoonist at the weekly medical publication «Viaţa Medicală». He lives and works in Bacau (Romania).

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