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Ivan Popovic was born on 16th October 1944 in Banovce nad Ondavou, Slovakia. In 1962 he graduated in Geography and Cartography at the Higher School of Civil Engineering and Surveying in Kosice. In his profession he worked only briefly. Since 1966 he works as a freelance artist, concentrated to cartooning and animated film, book and journal illustration, poster making, free graphics, caricatures, ceramics, design, advertising and occasionally monumental work. Ivan Popovic is truly universal artist: visual artist, animator, director, screenwriter, prosaist, designer, illustrator, cartoonist, traveler. He belongs to the founding personalities of Slovak animated film. He contributed to the creation of the Studio of animated films (1965) in Bratislava. He established the Department of puppet animation film under the Slovak filmmaking in Bratislava. As a screenwriter and director participated in the realisation of several documentary and feature films. He is the author of several books for adults. For Slovak Radio he prepared several current affairs programs, but also programs for children. His illustrations, drawings and cartoons were published in hundreds of newspapers and magazines as well as in many books. His paintings, illustrations and cartoons have been presented in numerous individual and collective exhibitions. He participated in the establishment of two art galleries in Bratislava. Ivan Popovic created thousands of illustrations for children – he illustrated more than two dozen books, created leporelos, coloring books, illustrated educational textbooks. He wrote hundreds of funny texts and original fairy tales, many of which were issued in book form. His stories, illustrations and cartoons have been published in many magazines for children, with which he collaborates since 1960. From more than a hundred animated films, in which he participated as an author, writer, artist, animator, director and cameraman, many are intended for children. For his literary, illustration and film creation for children he has won several important awards. Ivan Popovic lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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