Ivan Simek was born on 9th March 1945 in Trencin, Slovakia. The first cartoon he published during his studies at the high school in Trencin immediately in the legendary weekly Kulturny Zivot (Cultural Life). Study of Architecture in Bratislava he prematurely interrupted. Then he worked as a seasonal worker in the Chemical Factory in Bratislava, where  he published “critical” drawings on local ills in the internal magazine. He also was earning with utility graphics (brochures, leaflets, drawings for publishing). In 1971, following a selection process he started working as a graphic designer in the weekly “Zivot”, where he remained for almost 30 years. He began to focus more to a cartoon humor and publish (Zivot, Rohac, Nove Slovo, Rodina, Mlady svet, Austrian Erfolg, etc). A few years he was creating graphic design of the magazine Kulturny zivot, and working for publishing houses Pravda, Praca, Mlade Leta, Obzor (promotional graphics, books and illustrations), for companies (calendars, posters, advertising, promotion, packaging, logos, etc). In 1985 he became a member SFVU (Slovak Union of Artists). He began to participate in the competitions at home (Novomestsky Osten /1st and 2nd prize/) and abroad (Italy, England, Belgium, Turkey, Japan / Honorable Mention 1989 /). As a member of the Club of Bratislava cartoonists he participated in several collective exhibitions and also in the exhibitions “Forarium”, organized in the years 1987-89 by the City Gallery of Bratislava. After November 1989 he drew for the magazines Slobodny Piatok, Narodna Obroda and others. During the next 20 years he ceased to create a cartoon humor and returned to it only in 2011. In 2012 he won The Prize of Polish cartoonists in Zielona Gora /Poland/ and diploma “The Best Cartoon” in South Korea. Ivan Simek lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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