Jozef Gruspier

Jozef Gruspier was born on 12th May 1952 in Bratislava, Slovakia. After graduation he worked until 1992 as administrative staff in construction, currently is concentrated to the building activities as self-employed. He started create cartoons in 1970. His first drawings appeared in Czech humor magazine “Jezek”. Later, his works have been published also in several Slovak newspapers and magazines. Since 1984 he began publishing in the humoristic weekly “Rohac”, to which he contributed until its extinction in 1991. Since 2008 he participates in national and international cartoon competitions, where he won several awards (let us mention at least known cartoon competition “Novomestsky Osten”, where he gradually gained a bronze, silver and golden Osten). Works by Jozef Gruspier were presented at the exhibition of successful participants of “Novomestsky Osten” in Filakovo and at the exhibition “Cartoons and caricatures in Slovakia” in Trencin, which charted quarter of a century of development of Slovak cartoons. Jozef Gruspier lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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