Oleg Gutsol / Ukraine

Oleg Goutsol was born on 21st February 1964 in Ukraine. In 1983, he graduated from Kirovograd Machine-building Technical School and in 1994 from the Kiev National University (the Faculty of Journalism). In 1987 his cartoon was published in media for the first time. Later the artworks of Oleg Goutsol appeared in such mass publications as Perets (Ukraine); Vozhyk, Picnic, Shapokliak, 15 Sutok, Kalambur, Odin, Doma (Belarus); Krokodil, Chaian (Russia); and also in many other newspapers and magazines. Presently he works as the artist of the newspaper “Observer” (Belarus). He is a member of the Journalists’ National Union of the Ukraine since 1989. In 2004 he joined the Cartoonists’ Association of the Ukraine. In 1991 Oleg Goutsol published his first book of selected cartoons entitled “Black Humour”. In 1997 his second humorous book “Cartoons” was printed. In 2006 he participated in creation of the book “Anthology of Belarusian Cartoon”. Since 1998 Oleg Goutsol has taken part in more than 400 international cartoon contests and exhibitions. For his creative work he was awarded numerous prestigious prizes (we can mention at least some of them: Special Prize – Pisek (Czechia), 2001; Special Prize – Buenos-Aires (Argentina), 2001; Grand Prix– Nanjing (China), 2004; Prize for the Best Cartoon – Hyderabad (India), 2006; Special Prize – Sint-Truiden (Belgie), 2007; and many others). In 2007 he worked in Tehran (Iran) as a member of Jury of Iranian International Biennial of Cartoons. Oleg Goutsol currently lives and works in Minsk, Belarus.

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