Vladimir Kazanevsky was born in 1950 in Lebedin, Ukraine. He graduated  at Kharkov State University majoring “Cosmic radiophysics” in 1973. In 1984  he also graduated at Kiev Institute of Journalism Skill, as Press Artist. Currently he works as a free-lance cartoonist and writer. Kazanevsky`s artworks have been exhibited worlwide and have won more than 360 prizes at the International cartoon contests in 44 countries. His cartoons have been published in many newspapers and magazines in the world – for instance,  “Yomiuri Shimbun” (Japan), “Nebelspalter” (Swiss), “Witty World” (USA), ”Ogonyek” (Russia), “Eulenspiegel” (Germany), “Courrierinternational”(France) and many others. His own cartoon books “Heads”,”Revelation of Elderly Cupid”, “Homo Gibber”, “Neck”, “Vladimir Kazanevsky Modern world cartoonist” were published in Switzerland, China, Belgium and Ukraine. Vladimir Kazanevsky is also known as a lecturer on the theory of Cartoon Art and has given the lectures in numerous countries (USA, France, Japan, Italy…). He lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.

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