Yuri Kosobukin was born in 1950 in Russia. He studied civil airline engineering and graduated from the Aviation Institute in Kharkiv. Then he worked at the Antonov Aircraft Design Centre in Kyiv in the capacity of an engineer. He had not had any professional artistic training before he started turning out his first cartoons. But later he developed his own unique and inimitable style. His debut in the press as a cartoonist was in 1976, at the age of his twentysix, when his first cartoons apeared in several periodicals. Since then have thousands of his cartoons been published in newspapers and magazines in many countries of the world. Then he also worked in several periodicals (Segodnya, Kyivska Pravda,…). Currently he is working as a freelance artist. His cartoons have participated in hundreds of International cartoon contests and he won more than 450 various awards, among which more than 100 Grand and First prizes. His artworks have been exhibited in so many countries of the world, that it would be easier to say in which they have not been. Individual exhibitions in Cuba, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine. He lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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