Hule Hanusic

Husejin Hanusic – Hule was born in 1953 in Bijeljina, Bosnia & Herzegovina. After finishing teaching school, he was employed as a teacher in a city called Brcko. He worked with almost every newspaper in the ex Yugoslavian state, and had regular columns in daily newspaper “Oslobodjenje” Sarajevo, until 1992. Hule Hanusic is a member of the Journalist Association of Bosnia & Herzegovina. From 1986, he worked in “Brcanske novine” newspaper as an illustrator and caricaturist. In 1992 he was forced to move out of his city, due the agression on Bosnia & Herzegovina, since then he lives and works in Vienna, Austria. Until recently he worked at the Academy of Arts in Vienna. Up to now Hule Hanusic presented his artworks at eight individual exhibitions (in different countries, such as Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Sweden, etc) and participated in many International Cartoon Competitions at which he won several prizes.

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