Bernard BOUTON

Bernard Bouton / France

Bernard Bouton is a renowned French cartoonist and collector of cartoons. His first cartoon was published in the French periodical l’Express in 1974 and since that time numerous of his artworks have appeared in many newspapers and magazines all around the world. He presented his artworks at several personal exhibitions (e.g. In 2000 – Mouscron / Belgium, 2005 – Olsztyn / Poland, 2005 – Osijek / Croatia, etc) and participated in countless collective exhibitions in many countries of the world. Bernard Bouton has taken part in many international cartoon contests and for his original work of art he has been awarded a large number of prestigious prizes (we can mention at least some of them: 1983 – Médaille d’or (golden medal) in Paris, France; 2004 – 3rd prize in Bjelovar, Croatia; 2005 – 3rd prize The international competition “Napoleon” Brno, Czech Republic; 2006 – 2nd prize Terrorism cartoon competition Tehran, Iran; 2007 – 2nd prize “Jaca bede” contest Olsztyn, Poland; 2008 – 2nd prize in Haifa, Israel; 2009 – 3rd prize in Pisek, Czech Republic; 2009 – Manga Kingdom Prize, Japan; 2009 – 3rd prize in “La Ciudad de las Ideas”, Mexico; 2009 – 2nd prize in Barcelona, Spain; 2010 – 1st prize Don Quichotte; 2010 – Special Prize Naci el-Ali Istanbul, Turkey; 2011 – 1st Honorific Mention in „La Ciudad de las Ideas“ Puebla, Mexico; 2012 – Honourable mention in Sinaloa, Mexico). He is often invited to be a member of juries at international cartoon competitions in many countries worldwide. Bernard Bouton is having an important function in the global organization FECO (Federation of Cartoonists Organisations), he is its Secretary General. He is living and working in Francheville near Lyon, France.

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