Mikhail Zlatkovsky was born in 1944 in Moscow. He studied nuclear physics at prestigious Institute of Engineering Physics in Moscow, from which he graduated with Master degree. Then he began to work on his PhD disertation. In 1971 because of political reasons he suddenly quit all his research and became a freelance artist. He started participating in international cartoon competitions and immediately became very successful. Since that time he has won more than 250 awards, about 50 of which grand and first prizes. In a worldwide survey of cartoonists in 1992 Zlatkovsky was voted the best cartoonist. His artworks  have been exhibited at hundreds individual and collective exhibitions all over the world. Now he is regularly invited to be a president or member of cartoon/art exhibitions in many countries of the world. The wide range of his artworks are exhibited also on his own website www.zlatkovsky.ru. In 90’s he lived several years in the United States of America, then he moved back to Russia, where he became a professor at Moscow State University and chief art director for a group of national newspapers and magazines. He is a member of the Artists Union of the Russian Federation, the Union of Russian Journalists, Graphic Artists Union and also an honorary member of the French Academy of Masters. In 2009 he was decorated by Order of Legion of Honour in France. He lives and works in Moscow, Russia.

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