Gergely BACSA

Gergely Bacsa / Hungary

Gergely Bacsa was born on 2nd May 1975 in Salgotarjan, Hungary. He graduated at the Aurel Stromfeld Engineering Vocational Secondary School in 1993. From 1993 to 1995 he studied at the Gyula Juhasz Teacher’s Training College, specialization in Slovak history. Currently he is working as a police officer in Budapest. Gergely Bacsa started his artistic career as an autodidact. His drawings have appeared in many newspapers and magazines: 1999-2004, 2012 – Kis Malac, Moricka; 1999-2001 – No komplett; 1999-2005 – Pistike, Vicc ozon, Vicc mix; 2000-2001 – Tutti vicc; 2001-2003 – Com-x, Kutyahus, Pato Pal; 2003-2004 – Tuske; 2004 – Fules, Poenvadaszat; 2007-2009 – Reader’s digest; 2008 – Nok Lapja; 2009 – Kedvenc rejtveny csalad, Puncs. He actively participates in national and international cartoon competitions and has won a number of awards: 2004 – Humour & Vigne France – Diplom; 2004 – A.L.E.X. Slovakia – 1st Prize; 2006 – Uecge Turkey – Special Prize; 2006 – Golden Helmet Serbia – 2nd Prize; 2008 – Eeyore Hungary – Golden Pen Award; 2010 – Slovakia Ears – Special Award; 2010 – Szazhalombatta Hungary – 1st Prize; 2012 – Reach Hungary – Special Award. Gergely Bacsa is focused in his drawings mainly on the “big problems” such as global warming, poverty, war and peace, racism, etc. He also likes to draw portret caricature. Short time ago he finished a book of comics. Gergely Bacsa is living in Lucfalva, Hungary.

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