Silvano MELLO

Silvano Mello

Silvano Rosa Gonçalves de Melo, well-known under his artistic name “Mello” was born on 5th October 1974 in a small quiet town called Jaboticatubas in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. Mello is a trained autodidact and he has been focused to the graphic humor since 2007, developing his work in the fields of cartoon, political cartoon, caricature and some comics. During this period, he received 42 awards and honorable mentions in national and international competitions in many countries such as Brazil, Iran, Syria, Spain, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Russia and USA, among which are: 2nd Prize in the 9th International Humor Exhibition of Caratinga – Brazil (2007); Honorable Mention in the 3th International Don Quichotte “World Languages” – Turkey (2008); 1st prize in the 1st Humor Exhibition Medplan – Brazil (2009); Honorable Mention in the International Cartoon Contest Tourism & Travel – Russia (2009); 1st Prize in the 23th Humor Exhibition of Volta Redonda – Brazil (2010); 2nd Prize in the Anti Terrorism International Cartoon Contest – Iran (2011); 2nd Prize in the Boston International Humor Festival – USA (2011); Grand Prize in the 5th Humor Exhibition Litoral Paulista – Brazil (2012); 1st Prize in the 5th Humor Exhibition Litoral Paulista – Cartoon – Brazil (2012); 1st prize in 25th Humor Exhibition of Volta Redonda / Comics – Brazil (2012); International Prize in 45th Umoristi A Marostica – Italy (2013); Gold Prize in 8th HumoDeva International Cartoon Contest – Romania (2014); 1st Prize in the First international cartoon contest Maidan, Ukraine (2014). Some of his works have been published in the literary supplement of “Pernambuco” and “Dossie” magazine, newspaper “Le Monde Diplomatique” Brazil. Silvano Mello is living and working in Jaboticatubas, Minas Gerais, Brazil. 

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