Czech republic

Czech Republic

    The current Czech cartooning community includes a wide range of artists displaying a broad variety of creative approaches, both thematically and artistically. At the same time, there comes into being the easy and funny humour but also the philosophically sounding humour, relaxing and refreshing humour and also humour with deep psychological immersion, social and political satire, cartoon publicistic of current affairs but also highly artistic creation dealt with traditional art techniques, which aspires to a permanent place in the history of art. The great tradition have an annual “Salons of cartoons”, organized since 1970 by Josef Kobra Kucera. In 1990, on the initiative of journalist Ivan Hanousek has been founded “The Czech Union of Cartoonists” (CUK), which brings together the creators of cartoons and caricaturists from the Czech Republic. CUK plays a key role in the organization of community life, co-organizes several exhibitions and competitive events and is also a member of the international organization FECO (Federation of Cartoonists Organisations). Important and unique informative function performs periodical “e-GAG”, whose editor is Ivan Hanousek and which is issued successfully already for 10 years.

   On the Czech cartooning scene we can now identify a number of significant personalities of the genre, whose reputation long ago exceeded the framework of their homeland, and even Europe. To these personalities undoubtedly belong

Miroslav BARTAK

Bretislav KOVARIK

Lubomir LICHY








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