Doru Axinte / Romania

Doru Axinte was born on 4th December 1962 in Falticeni, Romania. He graduated at the Faculty of Law of the Police Academy. From 1988 to 2011 he was working as a police officer and now is in retirement. Currently, he is working as a freelance artist concentrated mainly to cartoons and satirical graphic art. He is focused in his cartoons mainly on the “jokes“ and “satire”. Doru Axinte started his artistic career as an autodidact. In 1990 – his debut with cartoons in the military press and then publishing in the Romanian newspapers and humor rewiews. His artworks have been presented at numerous individual and uncountable collective exhibitions. He participated at a number of international cartoon competitions and his cartoons were awarded many prestigious prizes: Gold Prize: China (2009); Gold medal: Serbia (2009); Bronze medal: Israel (2009); Silver plaque: Macedonia (2013); Grand Prize: Croatia (2010), Romania (2010); 1st Prize: Bulgaria (2009, 2011), Belgium (2011), Argentina (2013); 2nd Prize: Romania (2011), Iran (2011, 2013), Argentina (2012), Hungary (2012); 3rd Prize: Slovakia (2012), Iran (2013); Excellence Prize: China (2011); Special prize: China (2009, 2012), Belgium (2009, 2010), Germany (2010), Croatia (2011, 2012), Romania (2011), Macedonia (2013); Special Jury Prize: Italy (2009); Special Mention: Croatia (2012); Honourable Mention: Bulgaria (2009), Italy (2010, 2011), Iran (2011), Romania (2011), Israel (2011), Poland (2012); Mention: Iran (2012), Poland (2012); Prize “Humoris Causa”: Italy (2010); Special diploma: Bosnia (2011), Bulgaria (2011); Best cartoon Prize : Korea (2012, 2013); Master of caricature : Bulgaria (2013). Doru Axinte is living and working in Tulcea, Romania. 

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