Zarko Luetic / Croatia

Zarko Luetic also known under his pseudonym “Zar” was born in 1951 in Zupa, Croatia. He graduated at the School of Electrical Engineering in Split in 1975. He has been working as the Manager of the Working Procedures in the company “Telcom” – Split. His cartoons and caricatures have been published in the local daily newspaper “Slobodna Dalmacija” since 1970. His own solo exhibitions were organized in Split (1978, 1980) and Slavonski Brod (1989). Since 1972 Zarko Luetic has been taking part in the International Cartoon Exhibitions in many places: Skopje, Sarajevo, Novi Sad, Ljubljana, Slavonski Brod, Zagreb, Split, Marostica, Vercelli, Bordighera, Duisburg, Hanover, Knokke Heist, Beringen, Amstelveen, Athens, Gabrovo, Ankara, Montreal, London, Tokyo. His artworks have been awarded numerous prestigious prizes at many International Cartoon Competitions: we can mention at least some of them: 2nd Prize and Silver Medal, Skopje, Macedonia, 1974; 2nd Prize, Marostica, Italy, 1983, 1984, 1985; 2nd Prize, Duisburg, Germany, 1986; 1st Prize-Gold Medal, Slavonski Brod, Croatia, 1988; 2nd Prize, Vercelli, Italy, 1990; 1st Prize-Gold Medal, Split, Croatia, 1995; Prize, Berlin, Germany, 2010; 1st Prize, Lastovo, Croatia, 2013; among others. In 1995 Zarko Luetic initiated issuing the first humoristic magazine “ Zulj” in the independent state of Croatia. In addition to creating cartoons and caricatures he is also focused on illustration and oil painting. He illustrated two books about computers and two books of aphorisms. He was the author of the symbol representing Association of Croatian cartoonists in Zagreb. Zarko Luetic is living and working in Split, Croatia.

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