Dusan Junek was born on 26th February 1943 in Piestany. Firstly he studied at the Faculty of Architecture, Slovak Technical University, then continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. He is one of the leading personalities of the graphics and visual communications and is a recognized authority among graphic artists – designers not only in Slovakia but also in the world. The main focus of his creative effort is the creation of graphic design and poster – he had more than 25 individual exhibitions, participated in more than 400 collective exhibitions arond the world. For his artwork he has received approximately 30 international and national awards and for his lifetime production he was awarded by the prestigious Achievement Award ICOGRADA by the International Council of Graphic Design in Brussels. IBC Cambridge classified him to “Top 100 Communicators”. His artworks are represented in the permanent collections of the word’s major galleries and museums. But his activities are much broader – he is dedicated to educational activities, professional journalism, organization of various projects and exhibition events, and not least the cartoons. He lives and works in Dunajska Luzna, Slovak Republic.

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