Golden Keg 2014


We invite you and your friends to the opening of the cartoon exhibition on the topic “Beer” – GOLDEN KEG 2014 – a selection of competition works from 20th edition of the international cartoon contest which will be held on Tuesday, 1st April 2014 from 2 o’clock in the afternoon in the premises of the Saris Gallery in Presov, Slovakia, Hlavna street No. 51.

A part of the opening ceremony will be announcement of winners and other award-winning authors of this jubilee edition of the competition and awarding the prizes to the present authors.

Earlier, on the 1 o’clock in the afternoon will take place in the premises of the Saris Gallery the Press conference with the participation of organizers and awarded artists.


Golden Keg 2014


* Source: Fedor Vico / Presov, Slovakia


An excellent and versatile artist and cartoonist Pavel Matuska will present in Smecky Gallery in Prague his drawings, paintings and wood-carving work. As the name of the exhibition promises humor there will definitely not be missing.

The exhibition opening will be held on 18th February 2014 at five o’clock in the afternoon and you can see the exhibition until 5th April 2014.

Pavel Matuška - Usmívání

See also a profile page of Pavel Matuska in the Cartoon Gallery – click HERE


* Source: Pavel Matuska / Czech Republic


Until the end of February, you can in the Galleri E96 in Oslo, Norway admire an exhibition of artworks by excellent cartoonist Jerzy Gluszek from Poland. We highly recommend!

Jerzy Gluszek


See also a profile page of Jerzy Gluszek in the Cartoon Gallery – click HERE


The exhibition “SATYRA” of well known Polish cartoonist Slawomir Luczynski will be opened on friday 24th January 2014 at 6,00 PM in the Exhibition hall of the Cultural House in Leczycza, Poland. You’re welcome!



* see also the profile page of Slawomir Luczynski in the Cartoon Gallery – click HERE


On 26th January 2014 will be in the European Cartoon Center Kruishoutem, Belgium opened an exclusive exhibition of the world famous cartoonist Riber Hansson from Sweden. We highly recommend it to all admirers of Cartoon Art of the best quality do not miss it!

Riber Hansson - ECC


* see also the profile page of Riber Hansson in the Cartoon Gallery – click HERE

LACO TORMA: “TRANSPORT” – exhibition in Bratislava

We cordially invite you to the opening of the exhibition

(TRANSPORT IS NOT LIKE TRANSPORT) ….. the rail, tunnels and roads


on 17th December 2013, 3:30 PM

Sancova 1/a
811 05 Bratislava – SLOVAKIA

tel: +421/2/ 5244 4163
fax: +421/2/ 5249 4021
e-mail: muzeumdopravy@stm-ke.sk

Laco Torma-Doprava


* Source: Museum of transport STM, Bratislava


Paolo Dalponte


* Source: Paolo Dalponte / Italy


Willem Rasing / HolandskoLeading Dutch artist, painter, cartoonist, creator of collages, the President of the Association of Dutch Cartoonists will celebrate on 14th October 2014 his important anniversary 60th birthday.

Dear Willem, congratulations! Good health as well as a lot of creative forces in the coming years!


On this exceptional occasion, will be opened on Saturday, October 11th at 5:30 pm. in Eijlders Cafe in Amsterdam an exhibition of artworks by Willem Rasing entitled “Animal Farm Part II.




* Source: Willem Rasing / Holland


* Profil of Willem Rasing in the Cartoon Gallery you can see HERE

* Great representative exhibition of artworks by Willem Rasing you can see HERE



Important German artist and cartoonist Marlene Pohle originating in Argentina will exhibit her artworks in the Gallery Marta Torres on the Balearic island of Ibiza. The exhibition is entitled “Ser or aparentar,” which in English means “To be, or to appear” and you can watch it from 3rd to 18th October 2014.

Marlene Pohle Ibiza

Source: Francisco Punal Suarez / Spain



We invite you to the opening of the exhibition of best artworks from the International Cartoon Competition HUMOREST 2014 associated with the award ceremony of the winners. The opening will take place on October 2, 2014 at 5 pm. in the Exhibition hall of the Library of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

Results of the competition see HERE





Turkish cartoon exhibition is open in the Old City Hall in Zagreb, Croatia. The Croatian Cartoonist Association had an exhibition in Istanbul last October where presented Croatian cartoonists and their work and it was there that the idea of this exhibition arose.

The Turkish cartoon is presented by 116 works of the best Turkish cartoonists.

Turkey belongs, in terms of cartoon, to the inner circle of the most prominent European and worldwide countries with a great number of quality authors and with its significant cartoon festivals.

At the opening in Zagreb, Turkey was represented by their Association president Mr Metin Peker and their secretary Mr Mahmut Akgun. Mr Bekir Alpul, a member of the Turkish Embassy, was present too.

The guests were greeted by Ratko Maricic, the representative of the sponsor, Milan Bandic, the mayor of Zagreb.

Zdenko PUHIN, General Secretary HDK/CCA

***** Croatian cartoonists with their guests Metin Peker and Mahmut AkgunCroatian cartoonists with their guests from Turkey Metin Peker and Mahmut Akgun

Opening of the exhibitionOpening of the exhibition of the Turkish cartoon


Mahmut AkgunCartoon by Mahmut AKGUN / Turkey

Ahmet Aykanat

Cartoon by Ahmet AYKANAT / Turkey


* Source: Hrvatsko druztvo karikaturista / Croatian cartoonists association, Croatia



About the exhibition of Jiri Sliva – currently perhaps the most successful cartoonist from the Czech Republic – in Washington DC, USA, we have recently reported on this site.

We have been pleased that Jiri Sliva sent us a few shots from the opening. We are happy to share them with you.

Publikum na vernisaziThe audience at the opening of the exhibition of Jiri Sliva in Washington DC

Slávnostné otvorenie výstavyOpening of the exhibition “Kafka & Co.” – Jiri Sliva and the Ambassador of the Czech Republic in the United States Petr Gandalovic

As Jiri Sliva wrote us the biggest surprise occurred when he saw a musician who accompanied with his guitar the opening of the exhibition. We quote from the author’s email: “… I am sending you a photo of a young jazz guitarist who played at the opening of my exhibition. Incredible resemblance to Franz Kafka, that no one would ever designed!”

And here is the evidence (see photo below): The similarity of the young musician with Franz Kafka is really incredible. Thus, young “Kafka” played at the opening of the exhibition of Jiri Sliva “KAFKA & Co.”. Sometimes really strange things happen …

Mladý Kafka a Jiří SlívaYoung “Kafka” played at the opening of the exhibition of Jiri Sliva “Kafka & Co.”

The exhibition of Jiri Sliva “KAFKA & Co..” in Washington DC will be opened until 31th October 2014.



In these days has been in Riga (Latvia) opened a unique exhibition which brings a collection of artworks by cartoonists from several countries bordering the Baltic Sea. The exhibition presents leading cartoonists from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia and Poland.

The exhibition is organized by the Gdansk Baltic Sea Cultural Center and Gallery of humor. This traveling collection was already exhibited in Gdansk (Poland), then in Kaunas (Lithuania) and now is reinstalled in Riga (Latvia). The initiators and curators of the exhibition series are Pole Ryszard Wasyluk and Lithuanian Arunas Vaitkus.

Baltic cartoons 2014 Riga

Poster of the exhibition with artwork by Jerzy GLUSZEK (Poland)


The exhibition is characterized by a wide range of themes and all cartoons are, of course, without words. The authors of the idea intend to organize such exhibitions also in the future.

Individual countries are represented by these authors: .

  • Gatis SLUKA
  • Zemgus ZAHARANS
  • Ernest KLAVINS


  • Alvydas JONAITIS
  • Vladimiras BERESNIOVAS
  • Saulius MEDZIONIS
  • Edmundas UNGURAITIS


  • Erki EVESTUS
  • Hugo HIIBUS
  • Priit KOOPEL
  • Tarmo VAARMETS


  • Viktor BOGORAD
  • Andrei POPOV
  • Alexander SERGEEV
  • Viacheslav SHILOV


  • Jerzy GLUSZEK
  • Slawomir LUCZYNSKI
  • Grzegorz SZUMOWSKI

The exhibition can be seen in “GALERIJA CENTRS” Audeju iela 16, Riga, Latvia until 10th December 2014.



Riber Hansson is the most respected contemporary cartoonist in Sweden who has gained for his outstanding creative work the extraordinary recognition in professional circles and admiration of fans of Cartoon Art around the world. We are very pleased that we can inform you about the newest exhibition of this world-famous cartoonist.

In many places in Sweden are local Art associations. Their main organization recommends usually an annual theme. In the year 2014 the subject has been “The political art”. During the past year Riber Hansson whose main creative focus are editorial cartoonshas held six exhibitions in different locations in Sweden.

The newest exhibition begins November 27, 2014 and runs until January 2, 2015. It will be exposed in village, near the Norwegian border, called Charlottenberg. As the master himself confided to us: „It is not far from the place where I was born, so it feels a little bit like coming home.“ The exhibition will show a collection of new and older wonderful cartoons by Riber Hansson.

We highly recommend this extraordinary exhibition – do not miss it!


Riber - Poster

Poster of the exhibition of Riber Hansson


The poster that invites to the exhibition bears the name “Dra på trissor” which is an old Swedish expression used when something comes like a surprise for you. The word by word translation is „Pull on rollers“.

Translation of the entire text of the poster:

Pull on rollers.

The cartoonist Riber shows satires and caricatures, in an exhibition that will take humor very seriously.

The Library in Charlottenberg November 27th to January 2nd

Open Monday to Thursday 10 a.m.- 6 p.m., Friday 10 a.m.-3 p.m.


We bring you a small tasting of excellent artworks from the upcoming exhibition of Riber Hansson:

Riber Hansson - Hong Kong dragonRiber HANSSON – Hong Kong dragon


Riber Hansson - Babushka-tankRiber HANSSON – Babushka-tank


* We recommend to you also the great representative exhibition of artworks by Riber Hansson in the Cartoon Gallery – click HERE


These days took place in Antwerp, Cogels Osylei 73 an exhibition of cartoons by leading Belgian artist and cartoonist Luc Vernimmen on which was also presented his new book CARTOONS WITHOUT WORDS. The book contains a selection of his award winning cartoons from the past ten years. It contains 80 cartoons, 82 pages, full color, dimensions: 21 cm x 21 cm, soft cover.

Luc Vernimmen-Cartoons


Luc Vernimmen studied Graphic Arts at Sint-Lucas in Antwerp and sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp, Belgium. He works as a freelancer focused mainly on illustrating books for publishers in Belgium and the Netherlands, painting oil on canvas, digital drawing, designing brochures, logos, posters and cartoon art. As a cartoonist, he won numerous awards at the International Cartoon Competitions at home and worldwide.


Luc Vernimmen - EggsCartoon by Luc Vernimmen / Belgium


* See also section “BOOKS” and profile page of Luc Vernimmen in the Cartoon Gallery – look HERE


Studio d’Arte Andromeda, Via Malpaga 17, Trento, Italy invites all admirers of high quality Cartoon art to the personal exhibition of artworks by brilliant Polish artist Jerzy GLUSZEK – the winner of 21st Exhibition of Satire and Humor in 2012.

This exceptional exhibition you can see from 31st October to 14th November 2014. Do not miss it !

Jerzy GLUSZEK - Trento


If you don’t have the opportunity to visit the exhibition of artworks by Jerzy Gluszek in Trento, Italy – you can see a representative collection of his creative work in the Cartoon Gallery – click HERE


On the occasion of the 33rd International Exhibition of Caricature, press cartoons and humor in St. Just le Martell, Limoges airport is pleased to host the exhibition “Rousso prend l’air” (Rousso takes the air) until October 31, in the hall of the Air Terminal Building.

The exhibition presents more than 100 artworks by famous cartoonist Robert Rousso from France. We highly recommend!

Robert Rousso *****



Until 21st November 2014 fans of cartoons have the unique opportunity to admire a selection of the best works from the International Cartoon Biennial Humorest 2014 in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic. The exhibition is installed in the exhibition hall of the Library of the City of Hradec Kralove on Wonka Street.

KMHKHumorest 2014 in the building of the Library of the City of Hradec Kralove

Opening of the exhibition Humorest 2014 associated with the statement of results and the award ceremony was held on 2nd October and we bring you few photos of it.

DSC_6619 Opening of the exhibition: The President of the Czech Union of Cartoonists Bretislav Kovarik

Grand Prix: Miroslav BartákAnd the winner is Miroslav Bartak (CZ)

Miroslav Barták a Slawomir LuczynskiMiroslav Bartak (CZ) takes the Grand Prix from the hands of the President of the Jury Slawomir Luczynski (PL)

Ocenení autoriAwarded authors: Jiri Srna (CZ), Wieslaw Lipecki (PL), Miroslav Bartak (CZ), Jakub Wiejacki (PL) and the President of the Jury Slawomir Luczynski (PL)

VýstavaExhibition of the best cartoons

Nadšení diváciThe exhibition has met with great interest of the fans of cartoons


* Source: Lubomir Lichy / Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic


* Complete results of the competition HUMOREST 2014 and all awarded works can be seen in the section Competitions / Results


About the fact that cartoons have the ability to beautify and sweeten our lives doubts hardly anybody. Nevertheless, this ability of cartoons is used in practice only very rarely. Therefore, we are always very pleased when we learn about the positive example in this area.

Swedish cartoonist Juraj Cajchan from Göteborg wrote us about his interesting and worth-following experience:

“The restaurant Gyllene Prag (Golden Prague) is one of the most popular in Göteborg. Few young Czechs and Slovaks after winning the lottery decided to open a restaurant with the motto “We do not cook gourmet wonders, you would be able to cook it too, but we will save your time and effort and it will not cost you too much”. People flocked there, especially students and artists.

I used to go there too and I always met some interesting people there. Sometimes I did drawing for them into the menu, and the fee in the form of food and good beer I consumed immediately on the spot.

After the recent enlargement of the premises, they instructed me to draw something in a relatively narrow space on the wall behind the desk. Therefore, I sat there at the table my two cartoon figures – a man and a woman, who will be there sipping red wine. Place over their heads I filled with their thoughts.
Since the majority of visitors are regular customers, I did not want to create there nothing that could be read immediately without interest, but something they have to think about several times. I made a drawing on A4 format, which was then photographically enlarged on paper (3 vertical stripes). I worried a little about the line thickness in such a zooming, but in the end I was quite satisfied with the result.

Sometimes I go there, but my glass of red wine does not remain eternally filled as with the two on the wall. But with this, I reconciled long ago.

Juraj Cajchan


Gyllene PragDrawing by Juraj Cajchan


Gyllene PragArtwork of Juraj Cajchan on the wall of the restaurant Gyllene Prag in Göteborg, Sweden


ČasnikDrawing by Juraj Cajchan on the Menu card of the restaurant Gyllene Prag in Göteborg


* Source: Juraj Cajchan, Göteborg, Sweden


Václav HavelCzech Union of Cartoonists invites all domestic and foreign authors to create caricature of the first post-communist Czechoslovak president Vaclav Havel. CUK want this action to pay tribute to this important politician and humanist, a man who has substantially contributed to the transition of our country from the totalitarian to a democratic society. Submitted artworks will be displayed at the website of the Czech Union of Cartoonists, from the selected artworks will be prepared exhibition and eventually issued catalog.

Detailed information can be found on the website of the Czech Union of Cartoonists – see link: http://www.ceska-karikatura.cz/en/svet-kresli-havla/


* Source: Bretislav Kovarik, Prezident of the Czech Union of Cartoonists


At the beginning of the year, the Polish Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia prepared an exhibition of Polish artist Jacek Gawlowski, who became known through his drawings for Gazeta Wyborcza, for which he works since 1989. He is also concentrated on creation of comics and illustration of books. An important place in his creative work has the caricature. He focuses mainly on portrait caricature of celebrities from the world of literature and politics, but he does not avoid satirical work as well.

Jacek Gawlowski / Poľsko


Opening of the exhibition was held in Thursday, 08/01 2015 at 17.00. in the gallery of the Polish Institute at the SNP square 27 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Exhibition was opened by the Director of the Polish Institute Andrzej Jagodziński. Accompanying words about the author and his work made the curator of the exhibition Zbigniew Olkiewicz. To a large audience spoke also the master Jacek Gawlowski himself.


We bring to you some photos from the opening ceremony of the exhibition:

gawlowski01Opening of the exhibition – from left: interpreter, director of the Polish Institute Andrzej Jagodzinski, curator of the exhibition Zbigniew Olkiewicz, artist Jacek Gawlowski


gawlowski03Artist Jacek Gawlowski


gawlowski04From the left: interpreter, curator Zbigniew Olkiewicz, artist Jacek Gawlowski


gawlowski09Partial view of the exhibited artworks by Jacek Gawłowski


gawlowski10Another drawings by Jacek Gawłowski


gawlowski11Artist in friendly conversation with participants in the vernissage


The exhibition of artworks by Jacek Gawlovski at the Polish Institute in Bratislava, Slovakia can be visited until the end of January 2015 – we strongly recommend!





Oleg Dergachov & Behzad Ghafarizadeh

Musee des maitres et artisans du Quebec 615, avenue Sainte-Croix, Montreal (Quebec) H4L 3X6
Metro station Du College
Open 12 to 5 pm

From January 8 to February 8, 2015


This exposition will feature two Montreal cartoon artists, Oleg Dergachov and Behzad Ghafarizadeh. These international illustrators will present humoristic and politicize pieces. Dergachov will also present a few sculptures. As Ghafarizadeh said: “Cartoons are an international language to express beliefs and emotions, a language without border or nationality.“



Oleg Dergachov

Oleg Dergachov was born on 18th July 1961 in Rostov, Russia. He graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Fine Arts with Master in Arts degree in 1984. He has also studied bronze and granite sculpture from the INTEGRART in Warszaw, and through his studies with Walter Kaune, Phd, in Goslar, Germany. In 2005 he moved with his family to Canada. He had over 20 personal cartoon exhibitions in 13 countries. Many of his works are parts of major international public collections such as the National British Library in London, the Georges Pompidou National Center for Art and Culture in Paris, the Tretyakov State Gallery in Moscow and the collection of Cirque du Soleil in Canada. His artworks have been awarded in many important international cartoon competitions such as Aydin Dogan (2005), Nasreddin Hoja (2000), Youmiuri (1998-1995) and more than 60 other competitions.


Behzad GhafarizadehBehzad Ghafarizadeh was born in September 1983 in Tehran/Iran. He graduated from University of Tehran in 2009 with Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering. He and his wife moved to Montreal in 2011 In order to continue their education. Currently, he is PhD candidate in mechanical engineering department of École de technologie supérieure (Université du Québec). In 2006, his first individual cartoon exhibition was held in the “Iranian House of Cartoon” in Tehran. His works have already been exhibited in many international cartoon exhibitions and published in many cartoon books. His cartoons also are awarded in many important cartoon competitions such as Global Editorial Cartoon competition (2012), Diogenes, Taborda festival (2009), Medplan (2014), etc.


Oleg DergachovArtwork by Oleg DERGACHOV





Géza HalászGeza Halasz (HU) – Selfportrait


Opening of the exhibition of  HalaszThe main organizer Peter Razus opens the exhibition of Geza Halasz


A series of cartoon exhibitions in the Brain sneezing Gallery presents another important cartoonist Geza Halasz from Hungary. Author of cartoons and the President of the Cartoonists’ section of the National Union of Hungarian Journalists. He publishes since the 60’s of the last century in the leading Hungarian media. He has published several books of cartoons and for his work is typical collage technique and linking of absurd situations in new quality.
The exhibition was prepared by Presov Development Agency and will be open on 8th April 2015 at 8.00 pm in the Wave Club in Presov, Slovakia and runs until 8th May 2015.




Geza Halasz*****









*Source: Peter Razus/Presov, Slovakia


The Cartoon Gallery wishes to all fans of Cartoon art a very pleasant Easter holidays!

Robert Rousso - PâquesRobert ROUSSO (FR)


Gio-AgnelloMariagrazia QUARANTA – GIO (IT)


Kovařík-Veselé VelikonceBretislav KOVARIK (CZ)


Jozef Vydrnák-Velkonocny pozdrav 2015Jozef VYDRNAK (SK)


Barbara Brathova - Velka noc



BKI Bratislava

Bulgarian Cultural Institute Bratislava (BG/SK)



cebula-plagatPoster of the exhibition of Henryk Cebula in Presov, Slovakia


Opening of the exhibition collection of cartoons by Polish author Henryk Cebula has historical and sociological overlap. It was implemented after 75 years almost to the day of the decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR to execute almost 26,000 Poles refusing collaboration with the Stalinist regime. Katyn forest became a mass grave of ideology of evil and a symbol of the Polish rebellion and pride. Three overshooting skulls of monkeys do not see, do not speak and hear no evil, symbolized by the author’s critical controversy with absolutely defined authorities. Cebula undermines social taboos and reveals mimicry of individuals hiding in the crowd. He sees a man in grotesque pose of pretended importance which is essentially weak and coward. Indifference of his characters against evil passes into his own cruelty and sarcastic annotation of life. Henryk Cebula is an author, teacher and curator of the Gallery Pirana in Przeworsk, Poland, he use to go regularly to Presov as a juror of competitions Golden Keg and Brain Sneezing – he says on the theme of the competition: “Man thinks, invents, and contemplates – he is heading to perfection and to the ideal. There is no man without brain… Does it make sense to make a mockery of the brain that is responsible for all our actions? There is emerging diversity of views, hovering over the spiritual values, but others have been taken from the sidewalk vulgarity … and there the brain becomes fecal waste. Cartoonists through their drawings endeavor to show to “brainless ones” that the brain exists and the satirical drawing owes for its existence just to it”.

The exhibition is realized with the support of the Polish Institute in Bratislava and you can visit it in the Wave Cafe in Presov, Slovakia, until 8 April 2015.




cebula-foto1Installation of the exhibition of Henryk Cebula in the Wave Cafe Presov


cebula-foto2The exhibition of Henryk Cebula was inaugurated by main organizer Peter Razus



Henryk Cebula / Poľsko


Henryk Cebula / Poľsko


Henryk Cebula / Poľsko


Henryk Cebula / Poľsko


Henryk Cebula / PoľskoArtworks by Henryk Cebula / Poland


* Source: Peter Razus, Presov, Slovakia


Between the art of mime and cartoons we undoubtedly could with a bit of imagination find many contact points. With great pleasure, therefore, we provide information on the latest performances of world-famous mime Milan Sladek, who just gives in Cologne his production of “Antigone” by Sophocles tragedy.

Master Milan Sladek is close to us also in the other direction he himself with great pleasure and perfectly draws. We believe that soon we will be able to present even this area of his creative work.


Poster of the premiere of “Antigone”



On 28 to 30 August 2015 in the ancient city of Kremnica will take place already the 35th edition of the European Festival of Humour and Satire Kremnica Gags 2015. Today already world-famous multi-genre festival will bring again three days of excellent and intelligent entertainment full of humor in all its diverse forms – their original and humorous view of the world will represent there around 300 artists from many countries of the world in various genres such as music, theatre, film, literature, street performance, pantomime, cartoon, etc.

KG 15 - plagatPoster of the festival Kremnica gags 2015


The festival program is standardly extremely rich and varied – and as has already become a good habit the festival provides ample scope to the graphic humor and cartoons, for what we would like to express to the organizers our gratitude and recognition.

KREMNICA GAGS 2015 – Program of the festival in the category

FRIDAY 28th August 2015

11:30 – 11:45 OPENING – BOLEK – paintings, prints, photographs and cartoons inspired by the phenomenon Polivka (famous Czech mime, actor, director, humorist, …)
The town castle, chapel of St. Andrew, Castle Square

12:15 – 12:45 OPENING – ARCHIKATURA – retro exhibition of cartoons from the international cartoon competition
Culture and Information Centre – 2nd floor, Stefanik Square

13:00 – 13:30 NOSES OF HUMORISTS – disclosure of artistic relief of the nose of Slovak cartoonist Svetozar Mydlo (SK), author: Jan Konus, reveals Daniel Hevier, Fero Jablonovsky et al.
Alley of Famous Noses courtyard, J. Kollar Street

14:00 – 15:00 OPENING OF THE CARTOON EXHIBITION – exhibit cartoonists nominated for the Golden Gander Award in category “Cartoons and other recession artworks”:

  • Juraj CAJCHAN (SE)
  • Tsocho PEEV (BG)
  • Istvan KELEMEN (HU)
  • Malgorzata LAZAREK (PL)
  • Bretislav KOVARIK (CZ)
  • Rasto VISOKAI (SK)
  • Mikulas SLIACKY (SK)

AUCTION OF A BLANK PAPER (with additional drawing by the present cartoonists)
NBS Gallery – Museum of Coins and Medals, Stefanik Square

19:45 – 21:00 Daniel Hevier (SK): MYDLOVINY – a composed program about the Slovak cartoonist and illustrator Svetozar Mydlo
Labyrint club, Stefanik Square

SATURDAY 29th August 2015

14:30 – 15:30 IMPROCARTOONS (EU) – improvised drawing on the subject “Coins”. Draw nominated and present cartoonists
Private School of Applied Arts, P. Krizka Street

NEDEĽA 30. august 2015

Humorous announcement of laureates in each category and GRAND PRIX 2015
Introduction: Jakub Folvarcny & Jakub Nvota
Cinema Acropolis, P. Krizka Street


* Detailed information about the festival and complete program in all categories can be found on the website of the Kremnica gags: http://www.gagy.sk


Lewis Carroll’s classic story “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” belongs to the most popular children’s books which has ever been published. The original book was illustrated by John Tenniel, the leading cartoonist of the humorous magazine Punch. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first publication of this famous book (1865) The Cartoon Museum in London, UK prepared new exhibition called „Alice in Cartoonland“, opening of which is scheduled to 15th July 2015.

This remarkable exhibition curated by the President of the Lewis Carroll Society, Brian Sibley, shows how cartoonists, caricaturists, satirists, animators and graphic artists have over the years depicted the Alice’s adventures by reason of pointing political or social analogies or just to make people laugh. The exhibition presents artworks of great artists such as Low, Vicky, Shepard, Illingworth, Searle, Scarfe, Garland, Steadman, Bell, Rowson, etc. You will see also the posters of Alice by Gilroy advertising Guinness, cartoon strips featuring Flook and Snoopy, pages from comics and graphic novels and original animation art from film and TV.

During the run of the exhibition, there will be held a number of special events. The exhibition at the Cartoon Museum will last until 1st November 2015 – we highly recommend!

Alice in Cartoonland



With great pleasure we learned that Kremnica Gags, the European Festival of Humour and Satire – which is close to our heart because regularly and for a long time provides space for Slovak and European cartoons – gained EFFE label granted by the European Festivals Association which is a recognition of the top quality and inclusion of the festival Kremnica Gags among the best European festivals.


*****effe-labelEFFE label 2015 – 2016




* Source: Jan Fakla, director of the festival Kremnica Gags, Slovakia


With immense sorrow and consternation we received the news of the attack on the Paris humor magazine, during which 12 people died; among them several well-known French cartoonists.

We express our deep and sincere condolences to all the relatives of the victims of this horrible act.

The use of violence in the name of political, religious, or any other motives we consider absolutely unacceptable and inexcusable.





We have just heard with profound regret the sad news that on 6th January 2015 at the age of 64 years died our friend and colleague, a leading Bulgarian artist and cartoonist Stefan Despodov.



Stefan Despodov / BulharskoSTEFAN DESPODOV

2nd October 1950 – 6th January 2015


This message has saddened us all the more that we know not only the excellent creative work of Stefan Despodov, but we had the honor to meet him also personally. In 2013 he visited Slovakia as a guest of the European Festival of Humour and Satire Kremnica Gags, where the Humour Academy awarded him the prestigious “Golden Gander” prize in the category “Caricatures and other recession works of art.”

We will miss you, dear Stefan. Rest in peace!


Stefan DespodovStefan Despodov with his wife


Stefan DespodovStefan Despodov and a part of his exposition at the Kremnica gags 2013


Stefan DespodovStefan Despodov draws at Kremnica gags 2013



Stefan Despodov


Stefan Despodov


Stefan DespodovArtworks by Stefan Despodov (Bulgaria)


Detailed biography of Stefan Despodov and the great representative collection of his excellent artworks you can find HERE



The battle of cartoonists


Don’t miss the Battle of the Cartoonists, 2-5pm on Sunday 23 November 2014

The Electrician’s Shop Gallery, Trinity Buoy Wharf
64 Orchard Place
E14 0JY


* Source: Sue Grayson Ford, Director, The Campaign for Drawing



The conclusion of summer 2014 was refreshed and cheered by the Kremnica gags, today already recognized and perhaps worldwide renowned multi-genre European Festival of Humour and Satire, which is unprecedented far and wide. Kremnica again became not only the town, located near the imaginary center of the European continent, but for a few days even the actual center of European humour.

kremnica01Through the city gates were continuosly flowing crowds of enthusiastic spectators that watched a varied programs of the festival

The festival during many years of its successful existence had to contend with various eventualities; today the organizers can be surprised almost by nothing, everything worked accurately than well lubricated, perfectly set, reliable machine. And such an excellent organizational aspect of the festival provided a breeding ground for great professional performances of numerous participating artists from across Europe. Each year increases a number of great personalities and events at the festival; without any doubt can be said that the festival is every year better and to the proverbial perfection is already missing nothing at all. Behind this success is of course all year-long hard work of the organizational and dramaturgical team led by Jan Fakla and Roman Vykysaly who deserve our sincere admiration and gratitude.

Jan Fakla ……..Roman Vykysalý Jan FAKLA Roman VYKYSALY

To the successful organization of the festival Kremnica gags also contributed with their tireless effort and devoted work particularly the festival Producent Pavol Kelley, head of the technical team Hana Zlatosova and head of production Tamara Vykysala as well as other 60 collaborators, mostly from Kremnica.

Pavol KelleyProducent of the festival Pavol KELLEY

What pleased us most, of course, was that the quality of the festival caused great resonance and attracted numerous fans of quality humour from all over the country and abroad – it was amazing to watch to bright crowds of people wandering from one performance to another, visiting exhibitions and vividly discussing newly acquired impressions.

KremnicaGreat atmosphere in Kremnica



Opening ceremony of the festival was traditionally held in the Town Castle. Present viewers were witnesses of arrival of the presidential limousine-convertible Velorex, which brought the President of the Academy of Humour, a world-renowned mime Milan Sladek (DE/SK).

Prezidentská limuzínaArrival of the presidential limousine Velorex with the President of the Academy of Humour Milan Sladek

Traditionally the anthem of Kremnica gags sounded during the ceremonial flag-raising, introductory words were said by the Festival Director Jan Fakla and the Mayoress of Kremnica Zuzana Balazova.

Zahájenie festivaluOpening of the festival – from left: Director of Kremnica gags Jan Fakla, President of AH Milan Sladek, Mayoress Zuzana Balazova

President Milan Sladek spoke to the present people not only by words but also without them with substantial assistance of the mascots Humor & Satire (FR/SK). The pleasant atmosphere of the event was colored by the accompanying concert of a band The Asphalt theater (IL).

Zahájenie festivaluOpening ceremony: President of the Academy of Humour Milan Sladek and mascots of the festival Humor & Satire

Zahájenie festivaluThe anthem of the festival sounded during the ceremonial flag-raising

And then already started the carousel of a varied programs of Kremnica gags …



Given the focus of this site, we will concentrate on the subject of our interest, which is a cartoon – it got in the Kremnica gags really dignified space and was presented in several events – we will mention them in chronological order:

kgFRIDAY, 29th August 2014


  • 12:15OPENING – BRAIN SNEEZING from kalokagathia to hypochondria and back (exhibition of selected artworks from the three editions of the International Cartoon Contest “Brain sneezing” Slovakia)

Medzibranie (Between the gateway) – Cultural and information centre – 2nd floor, Stefanik square

Kýchanie mozguCultural and Information Centre – exhibition “Brain Sneezing”


The exhibition presents an exclusive selection of the best competition works from the previous three editions of the International Cartoon Competition “BRAIN SNEEZING”, which is regularly organized by the association Prerag in Presov, Slovakia. It brings excellent works of cartoonists from around the world. Definitely do not miss it!

Kýchanie mozguExtensive collection of cartoons from three editions of the “Brain Sneezing” on two floors of the Centre

Kýchanie mozguOpening of the exhibition – from left: Jan Fakla, Fero Jablonovsky, Peter Razus, Fedor Vico

The exhibition has been opened by the festival director Jan Fakla, the festival dramaturgist Fero Jablonovsky and of course the founder and chief organizer of the “Brain Sneezing” Peter Razus, who according to the ancient custom finished opening performing a fancy “swallow”.

Kýchanie mozguTraditional “Swallow” at the end of the opening performed by Peter Razus, founder of the competition Brain sneezing

Kýchanie mozguNumerous fans of humour at the opening of the exhibition “Brain sneezing”


  • 13:00 – NOSES OF HUMORISTS – uncovering of artistic relief of the nose of famous Slovak cartoonist Jozef Schek – Babusek (SK), author of the relief: Milan Brogyanyi, uncovers: Ivan Popovic + H & S

Courtyard of the Alley of Famous Noses, J. Kollar street

NosCourtyard of the Alley of famous noses filled by spectators in expectation of revelation of the relief of Jozef Schek


Courtyard of the Alley of Famous Noses has been enriched the relief of important personality of Slovak culture, legendary cartoonist, the founder of modern Slovak cartoons and comics, the father of mischievous Jozinko and creator of many other comic strips, cartoons, illustrations, typography designs, but also paintings and graphics. The author of the relief is sculptor Milan Brogyanyi (SK).

NosFestival founders Roman Vykysaly and Jan Fakla said the introductory word on the new relief

With the assistance of the festival mascots, new relief was introduced by festival founders Jan Fakla and Roman Vykysaly, an outstanding Slovak artist Ivan Popovic and author of of the relief sculptor Milan Brogyanyi who subsequently before the eyes of the awaiting audience uncovered the relief.

NosUncovering of the relief of Jozef Schek: Author of the relief Milan Brogyanyi, Ivan Popovic and astonished mascots

NosDetail of the relief of Jozef Schek


  • 14:00 – OPENING NOMINATED SLOVAK AND FOREIGN CARTOONISTS (cartoon exhibition by nominated authors)
  • AUCTION OF THE BLANK PAPER (with additional drawing by present cartoonists)

NBS Gallery – Museum of coins and medals, Stefanik square

VernisážMuseum of coins and medals – NBS Gallery hosted the exhibition of nominated cartoonists


Exhibition Hall of NBS Gallery – Museum of coins and medals was fully filled up with lovers of cartoons in expectation of the extraordinary experience that promised the representative exhibition of nominated domestic and foreign cartoonists: Jan Tomaschoff (SK/DE), Jiri Sliva (CZ), Geza Halasz (HU), Nikolay Pecareff (BG), Stano Kochan (SK), Tibor Platzner (SK), Vojtech Krumpolec (SK) and the winners of the International exhibition Satyrykon (PL): Tomasz Broda (PL), Mihai Ignat (RO), Sergey Sichenko (IL/UA). The exhibition has been opened by the festival director Jan Fakla, president of the Academy of Humour Milan Sladek, the festival dramaturgist Fero Jablonovsky and spectators were greeted also by present cartoonists Jiri Sliva, Nikolaj Pecareff, Geza Halasz and Stano Kochan.

Vernisáž Opening of the exhibition – from left: Milan Sladek, interpreter, Geza Halasz, Nikolay Pecareff, Jiri Sliva, Fero Jablonovsky

Vystava karikatúrExhibition of artworks by nominated cartoonists

SlívaExposition of Czech cartoonist Jiri Sliva

Immediately after the opening the program followed by auction of a blank paper, ably led by auctioneer Peter Razus.

DražbaAuction of a blank paper under the direction of the auctioneer Peter Razus

Blank paper gained a new owner for a respectable price (the amount we do not disclose:-)). But he did not regret it because initially clean white sheet of paper was then evaluated with drawings of the present cartoonists Sliva, Halasz, Pecareff, Tomaschoff, Popovic, Kochan, Krumpolec, Valter, Jablonovsky, Cizmazia, and even the President Milan Sladek himself, what immediately made the paper invaluable.

KreslenieVojtech Krumpolec (SK) initiates the evaluation of a blank paper

KreslenieDrawing by Fedor Vico (SK)

KreslenieNikolay Pecareff (BG) also added his picture

KreslenieGeza Halasz (HU) during his creative work

KreslenieCommon drawing: Jan Tomaschoff (DE/SK) and Karol Cizmazia (SK)

KreslenieAlso the President of the Academy of Humour Milan Sladek himself added his drawing (DE/SK)

KreslenieFinal drawing: Ivan Popovic (SK)

Exhibition of cartoons is really worth to be seen – we heartily recommend it!


  • 17:00 – JOZINKO – a child who never grows old composed performance by Jakub Nvota et al. about the cartoonist Jozef Schek – Babusek – JW producentska, Ltd. Bratislava (SK)

Club Labyrint, Stefanik square



Wandering Theatre of Jakub Nvota paid homage to the legendary, now unfortunately already not living cartoonist Jozef Babusek alias Jozef Schek in the program, which recalled his lifecourse and creative work, and also perhaps his most popular “baby” – Jozinko, whose mischief entertained generations of readers of the magazine Rohac for 23 years.

Jozef SchekJožinko

Jozef Babusek – Schek and his mischievous alter ego JOZINKO – child of his parents


  • 20:30IF WE COULD HAVE ONE WHEEL MORE ! – projection of animated films of a cartoonist, painter and illustrator Ivan Popovic and his son David Popovic (SK)

Medzibranie, Stefanik Square + Film bar Cinema Akropola


SATURDAY, 30th August 2014


  • 15:30 IVAN POPOVIC: THE GOLDEN SIXTIES – the exhibition of paintings by leading Slovak artist

Private School of Applied Arts, P. Krizka Street


Opening of the exhibition of artworks by a leading Slovak versatile artist, creator of cartoons, drawn and animated films, screenwriter, director, illustrator, painter, designer, writer, traveler, … Outstanding set of paintings mapping legendary sixties of the 20th century through the feminine beauty in the context of the most important historical and cultural events. The exhibition has been opened personally by the Director of the Festival Jan Fakla with the presence of the author of exhibited paintings Ivan Popovic.

PopovičOpening of the exhibition of paintings by Ivan Popovic – from left: Jan Fakla, Ivan Popovic, Fero Jablonovsky

PopovičPartial view of the work by Ivan Popovic “Golden Sixties”


  • 16:00 IMPROCARTOONS (EU) – improvised drawing on the topic: Tribute to Saul Steinberg

Private School of Applied Arts, P. Krizka Street

ImprokarikatúraA generous space in the School of Applied Arts filled with expecting audience


This year’s improvised drawing of cartoonists, which is always a great spectator’s event, got a really generous space in the Private School of Aplied Arts in Kremnica. Immediately after the opening of the exhibition of Ivan Popovic dramaturgist Fero Jablonovsky introduced the topic of this year’s Improcartoon – “Tribute to Saul Steinberg” – one of the most important creators of cartoons of all time – as he said: “What is Albert Einstein for the physics, that is Saul Steinberg for the cartooning”. Before large audience the long strip of white paper mounted on the wall has been filled with drawings in honor of Steinberg created ditectly by present cartoonists Ivan Popovic, Stano Kochan, Jano Valter, Fero Jablonovsky, Nikolay Pecareff, Geza Halasz, Vojtech Krumpolec, Fedor Vico. Also the President of the Academy of Humour Milan Sladek himself added his beautiful drawing.

Improkarikatúra Participants of the improvised drawing “IMPROCARTOON” – from left: Ivan Popovic (SK), Geza Halasz (HU), Jano Valter (SK), Fero Jablonovsky (SK), Stano Kochan (SK), Milan Sladek (DE / SK), Vojtech Krumpolec (SK), Jan Tomaschoff (DE), Fedor Vico (SK)

ImprokarikatúraCartoonists during their creative work: Ivan Popovic, Stano Kochan, Jano Valter (all SK)

ImprokarikatúraNicolay Pecareff (BG) with his drawing

Improkarikatúra Stano Kochan while drawing (SK)

ImprokarikatúraFero Jablonovsky and his drawing in honor of Saul Steinberg


  • 20:30IF WE COULD HAVE ONE WHEEL MORE ! – a projection of animated films of a cartoonist, painter and illustrator Ivan Popovic and his son David Popovic (SK)

Medzibranie, Stefanik Square + Film bar Cinema Akropola

kgSUNDAY, 31th August 2014

  • 18:00GOLDEN GANDER + STRUCK GOOSE – declaration of laureates in each category and GRAND PRIZE 2014

Hosted by Zuzana Sebova & Michal Kubovcik, assist mascots Humor & Satire

Cinema Akropola, P. Krizka Street


Nominations of the Academy of Humour of the European Festival of Humour and Satire Kremnica gags 2014


Category: Cartoons and other recession artworks

  • Jiri SLIVA (CZ)
  • Geza HALASZ (HU)
  • Nikolay PECAREFF (BG)
  • Stano KOCHAN (SK)
  • Tibor PLATZNER (SK)
  • Vojtech KRUMPOLEC (SK)
  • Tomasz BRODA (PL), Mihai IGNAT (RO), Sergey SICHENKO (UA/IL) – winners of the International Cartoon Exhibition Satyrykon Legnica, Poland

The Prize for lifetime achievement:

  • Stano KOCHAN (SK)
  • Ivan POPOVIC (SK)
  • Peter GREGOR (SK) – in memoriam

Jan Tomaschoff…..Jiří Slíva Jan TOMASCHOFF (DE) Jiri SLIVA (CZ)

Geza Halasz2…..Nikolaj Pecareff Geza HALASZ (HU) Nicolay PECAREFF (BG)

Stano Kochan…..Tibor Platzner Stano KOCHAN (SK) Tibor PLATZNER (SK)

Vojtech Krumpolec…..Satyrykon Legnica 2014 Vojtech KRUMPOLEC (SK) SATYRYKON Legnica (PL)

The Academy of Humour of Kremnica gags 2014, after careful consideration, decided to award the prestigious Golden Gander Jiri Sliva from the Czech Republic.

Prize for lifetime achievement:

Stano Kochan…..Ivan Popovič Stano KOCHAN (SK) Ivan POPOVIČ (SK)

Prize of the Organizating Committee:


Janka KollárikováJanka KOLLARIKOVA (SK)


The gala evening with the prize giving ceremony of Golden Gander and Strike Goose Awards took place in the cinema Akropola. Evening was moderated by known actors Zuzana Sebova and Michal Kubovcik (SK). The program was relieved with performances of the nominated artists in different categories: Asphalt theater (IL), Thomas and Lorenzo (CH), Mr. Toons – The Baloonman (DK), Vsetecnici (SK), etc.

Pantomimic speech to a crowded cinema gave the President of the Academy of Humour – the world famous mime Milan Sladek. After that followed the announcement of the winners in each category.

Jiří SlívaJiri SLIVA – winner and holder of the Golden Gander Award

The winner of the category “Cartoons and other recession artworks” became and the Golden Gander has been awarded the renowned cartoonist Jiri SLIVA. Laureate of the prize, however, could not take it personally, because he had to travel away earlier, given the obligations abroad. The prize will be delivered to him subsequently by the festival organizers.

GalaAnnouncement of the winner in the category Cartoons and the other recession artworks

Golden Gander Prize for Lifetime Achievement in this category received two Slovak cartoonists – Stano KOCHAN and Ivan POPOVIC.

gala3The Golden Gander Lifetime Achievement Award took the cartoonist Stano KOCHAN (SK)

Gala Golden Gander for Lifetime Achievement was awarded a well-known artist Ivan POPOVIC (SK)

The Academy of Humour also decided to award a special prize of the Organizing Committee for many years of excellent and conceptual work related to the installation of exhibitions of cartoons at the NBS Gallery – Museum of Coins and Medals to Janka Kollarikova (SK).


Now we can do nothing else, just say that Kremnica gags 2014 were truly excellent and we believe that such unforgettable impressions took away also the thousands of visitors of the festival. Goodbye again next year, dear friends!



More information you can find here: http://www.gagy.sk/


* Photo: Ivan Cilik, Geza Halasz, Fero Jablonovsky, Karol Cizmazia


Cannes 2014

In the framework of special projections for this year’s most important European film festival, which takes place from 19 – 24 May 2014 in Cannes, France was introduced documentary “Caricaturistes, fantassins de la Democratie” (Cartoonists – Foot Soldiers of Democracy) by the French director Stephanie Valloatto.

The project has been initiated by famous French cartoonist Jean Plantureux (Plantu) and filmmaker and producer Radu Mihaileanu, who from more than 100 pre-selected world cartoonists selected and contacted authors from 12 different countries, as representative creators, who in their work reveal numerous problems of the world, such as military dictatorships and autocratic regimes, restrictions on freedom of expression, economic problems, poverty, crime, religious intolerance, etc. International team of cartoonists participate in the project in order to submit a common report on the state of the world and contribute to the development of democracy.


* Source: Official website of the festival


by Luciano MAGNO / Brazil



Luciano MagnoCaricatures and cartoons, which for two centuries did laugh and give the talk, are exhibited from November 27 – 30 march 2014, in Centro Cultural Justiça Federal (Federal Justice Cultural Center) in Rio, and displayed throughout Brazil, the first truly national Biennial of Brazilian cartoonists and caricaturists, will happen simultaneously in multiple states.

The 1st INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF CARICATURE is an event designed by cartoonist and historian Luciano Magno, author of Book “História da Caricature Brasileira” (History of Brazilian Caricature) with the support and realization of the Centro Cultural Justiça Federal, Museu Nacional de Belas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts) and other cultural institutions in Brazil. Event aims to be one of the largest in the world, with 30 historical and contemporary exhibitions in several Brazilian states, with 40 programs in all.

In Centro Cultural Justiça Federal, artists such as Manoel de Araújo Porto-Alegre (Brazil patron caricature), Cau Gomez, Glen Batoca, Zé Andrade, and Alpino, among others, will have solo exhibitions. Complete schedule will be announced soon.

The Event Organization has announced the contest open to cartoonists from around the world, spreading regulation Complete “Exhibition Humour 1stInternational Biennial of Caricature”, which will award the winning artists in the categories cartoon, charge and caricature, caricature and sculpture, with SETH Trophy (named after one of the greatest Brazilian cartoonists of all time, Seth – pseudonym of Álvaro Marins), made by sculptor Genin Guerra.

Artists such as brazilians Calixto Cordeiro, J.Carlos, Cavalcante, Genin Guerra (from Minas Gerais), Manohead (from Santa Catarina), Guidacci (from Amazon), Adail (from São Paulo), plus caricaturists Lula Palomanes with solo shows in Rio de Janeiro. And Mort Walker, one of the world’s greatest cartoonists of all time, is the honored artist in this

Cartoonists of humor as historical Appe and Carlos Estêvão are being remembered in an exhibition. In the states of Brazil, the first International Biennial of Caricature exhibition will feature artists such as J. Bosco and Biratan (Pará), Jota A and Izânio (Piauí), Hercules (Alagoas), Clériston and Samuca (Pernambuco), Fred Ozanan (Paraíba), and in state of Ceará a briefing organized by the young cartoonist Cival Einstein. The list is extensive, and will also feature Brazilian women cartoonists like Liliana Ostrovsky and Fani Loss.

In state of São Paulo and Paraná there will be debates. In state of Rio Grande do Sul, the book História da Caricatura Brasileira (History of Brazilian Caricature) will be reissued with a roundtable discussion at the Centro Cultural Érico Verissimo (Cultural Center Érico Veríssimo) about the patron of Brazilian caricature, Manoel de Araújo Porto-Alegre, which will be attended by Brazilians researchers Wagner Passos, Luciano Magno, and masters such as Santiago and Edgar Vasques.

Luciano MAGNO


Website: www.bienaldacaricatura.com.br



Historia da Caricatura Brasileira Luciano Magno: Historia da Caricatura Brasileira

Historia da Caricatura

Luciano Magno: Historia da Caricatura Brasileira

Primeira caricatura brasileira O Maribondo n1 de 25 Julho 1822First Brasilian cartoon “O Maribondo” (1822)

Desenhos de Araujo Porto-Alegre (1836)Drawing by Araujo – Porto Allegre (1836)

Napoleoncellos Visitando o tumulo do Sete (1839)Napoleoncellos visiting the tomb of Sete

A Campainha e o Cujo desenho de Araujo Porto-AlegreThe Bell and Cujo by Araujo – Porto Allegre

Agostini retratado por Pereira Neto Revista Ilustrada n518 (1888)Portrait of Agostini by Pereira Neto – Revista Ilustrada (1888)


* Source: Luciano Magno / Brazil

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Many of us are dreaming our dreams, but hardly anybody manage to implement them. However, one great dream that independently of one another dreamed up two Slovak artists of different generations has recently become a reality.

In late September within the action Kosice the European Capital of Culturehas been on a housing estate of Dargov heroes (popularly called Furca) in Kosice officially revealed monumental work of Slovak artist Tomas Dzadon aptly named Memorial of Folk Architecture“. Memorial is the largest sculpture in Kosice and consists of three original Rustic barns, which trained sculptor Tomas Dzadon moved at the roof of a 13-storey block of flats on a housing estate of Dargov heroes. The location of these original wooden barns originating from Liptovska Teplicka and Orava Parnica on the roof of their apartment building have in advance agreed its residents. Memorial expresses a relationship linking the past with the present, and also points out that many of the original folk buildings had fall victim precisely to building of panel prefabricated housing estates.

Author and implementer of this art project Dzadon Tomas was born in 1981 in Poprad, Slovakia. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, studied in Poland Koszalin and continued doctoral studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. His work is regularly presented at the exhibitions at home and abroad. He is a finalist of the Jindrich Chalupecky Award, finalist of the Oscar Cepan Award 2012, Laureate of the Cyprian Majernik Award and winner of the Essel Award 2007. He is focused on creating sculptures, objects and installations but also on drawing. An important place in his work issues of cultural and historical memory. To the preparation and implementation of the “Memorial of Folk Architecturedevoted Tomas Dzadon more than seven years.

foto3Fero Jablonovský


Tomas Dzadon belongs to a generation that grew up in the 80’s of the last century. Fero Jablonovsky (1956) was already at that time a renowned cartoonist, illustrator, graphic designer and typographer. At the end of 70‘s and early 80’s he was focused in his work mainly on the phenomenon of housing estate architecture and related problems. He created a large number of cartoons with the motive of prefabricated houses and housing estates, which were subsequently published mainly in the humorous magazine Rohac. One of the cartoons from that period is a drawing where on the roof of a block of flats are the typical folk homes. Thus Fero Jablonovsky with advance of more than three decades, became a forerunner of vision of the Memorial of Folk Architecture.”

As confirmed the creator of the Memorial of Folk Architecture” Thomas Dzadon himself:

“When collecting material for an artbook about apartment building which I worked at, I discovered an author who has, you might say, overtaken me by an incredible 30 years. Wooden house on a block of flats in fact appeared in the drawing of Fero Jablonovsky in the 80’s. He expressed his feeling in that time current and relatively new phenomenon, which were housing estates and prefabricated buildings. Feeling an inexorable threat of flooding of teritory by these “concrete villages” and finding hiding for originality, authenticity and harmony. I’m thinking in what way is my proposal different, what is new in it, or it just repeats the theme of Fero’s drawing? Although that time and even today this was still about alienation. Fero has more trees on the roof, I have no one. In the houses of Fero people are living, my folk architecture monument will be unoccupied. So, where is the difference? “


Fero Jablonovský a Tomáš Džadoň Fero Jablonovsky and Tomas Dzadon during the presentation

Both artists are repeatedly encountered in joint events – let us mention at least the opening of the exhibition “We are a pedestal”, which was held last September in Kosice and continued with discussion with Tomas Dzadon and Fero Jablonovsky on the topic of “Generational view of the housing estate.”

Tomáš Džadon a Fero JablonovskýTomas Dzadon and Fero Jablonovsky during a discussion on the topic of housing estates

And finally on the 28th September 2013 the vision of Tomas Dzadon and which directly “as Jules Verne” predicted in his work more than thirty years ago Fero Jablonovsky, became a reality. Congratulations!


The cartoon by Fero Jablonovsky:

Fero Jablonovský - Karikatúra*****

The finished “Memorial of Folk Architecture”:

Tomáš Džadoň - Pamätník ľudovej architektúry

Tomáš Džadoň - Pamätník ľudovej architektúry

Tomáš Džadoň - Pamätník ľudovej architektúry

Tomáš Džadoň - Pamätník ľudovej architektúry


Finally, we add a few more cartoons by Fero Jablonovsky created at the end of the 70’s and early 80’s:

Fero Jablonovsky *****




* Sources:

  • Memorial of Folk Architecture – https://www.facebook.com/pamatnikprekosice
  • Let’s find the difference! – http://pamatnik.blog.sme.sk/c/288190/Hladajme-rozdiel.html
  • Prefabs from Rohac are moving to Kosice – http://pamatnik.blog.sme.sk/c/307699/Panelaky-z-Rohaca-sa-stahuju-do-Kosic.html
  • Tomas Dzadon – I am a pedestal (Slovakia) – http://www.biela-noc.sk/tomas-dzadon-ja-som-podstavec-slovensko/
  • Dzadoň Tomas – Gallery of Jan Koniarek in Trnava – http://www.gjk.sk/sk/zbierky/diela-po-r-1945/dzadon-tomas/
  • Drawings we publish with the consent of their author Fero Jablonovsky






* Source: Marco D’Agostino (Italy)


The leading cartoonist from the Czech Republic Jiri Sliva will exhibit from 6th to 31th January 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey his extremely successful collection of cartoons inspired by the life and work of the world-famous writer Franz Kafka.

Jiří Slíva - Istanbulda


* Source: Jiri Sliva (Czech Republic)


Jiri Sliva - Bangkok* Source: Jiri Sliva (CZ)


Excellent artist and cartoonist Jerzy Gluszek from Poland exhibits his wonderful cartoons in the renowned European Cartoon Center in Kruishoutem, Belgium.


ECC Kruishoutem-Jerzy GluszekPoster of the exhibition of Jerzy Gluszek


The exhibition of artworks by Jerzy Gluszek in the ECC Kruishoutem you can visit from 27th September till 20th December 2015, every Sunday from 10 to 12 am and from 2 to 5 pm. Groups of 10 persons or more are welcome also on other days by appointment.

For more info see the website of the ECC – click HERE


Jerzy GluszekArtwork by Jerzy GLUSZEK (Poland)


Jerzy Gluszek - ECC KruishoutemPleasant meeting of top European cartoonists at the opening of the exhibition of artworks by Jerzy Gluszek in ECC Kruishoutem – from the left: Nikola Hendrickx (BE), Pol Leurs (LU), Constantin Sunnerberg / Cost. (BE), Luc Vernimmen (BE), Emiel De Bolle (BE), Jerzy Gluszek (PL), Luc Descheemaeker / O-Sekoer (BE)


* An extensive collection of artworks by Jerzy Głuszek you can see HERE


* Source: Jerzy Gluszek (Poland)


Well known Mexican cartoonist Dario CASTILLEJOS, the President of the Cartonclub has received the National Journalism Prize 2015 for his cartoon “Justice in Crisis”. Congratulations!

Darío Castillejos-Justicia en crisis.Dario CASTILLEJOS (Mexico): “Justice in crisis”


* Source: Francisco Punal Suarez (Spain)



Drawing by Luc Descheemaeker / O-SEKOER (Belgium)


Belgian cartoonist Luc Descheemaeker (* 1955) with a pseudonym “O-SEKOER” teaches theory of art and culture at the Sint-Joseph Institute in Torhout. O-SEKOER is a Flemish pun, meaning “Help” and its bearer draws cartoons, creates humorous photo and is a laureate of more than 180 international awards. His cartoon on which a woman- housekeeper after a long workday enjoys her rest in the middle of the night in a position of acrobat over the sleeping city became a decorative hit of offices and in the international competition Brain Sneezing 2013 on the theme “Balance” won the Audience Award. In addition to relaxations, in the exhibition collection are represented also artworks revealing commercialization of authority as well as the symbol of Christianity; frustrating loneliness of an individual and society. Author also reflects the current harsh terrorism, media violence and the feelings of people in these situations and cheerful smile is immediately replaced by a sarcastic grimace of helplessness.

The exhibition is installed in the Wave club in Presov (Slovakia) and has a great response. At the opening had place a performance by two young artists – Jan Jendrichovsky and Peter Gustav Hrbaty, who prepared the reflection on the artist’s work using texts of the French philosopher Voltaire and protestsongs of singers from the years 1968-1989.

It was interesting interconnection of views on freedom, violence and aggression in the context of the current situation in Europe.

Since November the exhibition will be installed along with a selection of works by other authors (Kazanevsky, Halasz, Cebula, Miloradovic, etc.) on the premises of the Presov hospital as a part of the art therapy …

Peter RAZUS organizer of the exhibition



O-SekoerYoung artists Jan Jendrichovsky and Peter Gustav Hrbaty presented a reflection on the creation of O-Sekoer


O-Sekoer The exhibition of the Belgian artist O-Sekoer on the premises of the Wave club in Presov (SK)


O-SekoerFans of cartoon art during the admiration of exhibited artworks


* Text a photo: Peter RAZUS, Presov (SK)


Pavel MatuskaPavel MATUSKA (CZ) – Speech into the (favorable) wind



Geza Halasz - BrainGeza HALASZ (HU) – The brain



Robert Rousso-New American GothicRobert ROUSSO (FR) – New American Gothic



Galéria Kýchanie mozgu


Outstanding Ukrainian artist and theoretician of cartooning Vladimir Kazanevsky is in the Brain Sneezing Gallery in Presov, Slovakia registered as a writer of its cover picture which shows neurosurgeons looking to a bust of a confident bureaucrat after the trepanation of his head.

In others of his exhibited works we can found also manifestations of headless Phalangists and servile masses, who do not need their own thinking and replaces it with authoritarian discipline. Recognitions and awards for his work are from around the world and his drawings were published in Japan, USA, Switzerland, France …

In addition, Vladimir Kazanevsky is also the author of reflections on the historical development of cartoons, sexuality in cartoons or crisis in cartooning.

Peter RAZUS Founder of the Brain Sneezing Gallery in Presov, Slovakia and organizer of the exhibition


* VIDEO from the opening of the exhibition see HERE



Vladimir Kazanevsky


Vladimir Kazanevsky


Vladimir Kazanevsky


Vladimir Kazanevsky


Vladimir KazanevskyDrawings: Vladimir KAZANEVSKY (Ukraine)


* Source: Peter Razus, Presov, Slovakia