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The beneficial effects of humor we realized a long time before they were finally confirmed by the exact sciences. Although we cannot say that humor directly solves the problems with which we are in our life daily confronted – however, humor certainly cultivates our receptivity and gives us strength to resist stupidity around us and inside us. One of the authors, who for many years very successfully create this healing substance is renowned cartoonist Jordan Pop-Iliev from Macedonia. Let’s get acquainted with his life and creative activity.



Jordan Pop-Iliev was born in 1940 in Negotino, Macedonia. He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, specialization Pedagogy with History of Arts. He has been interested in cartoons since his early childhood and started actively publish his artworks since 1969.

He collaborated with many eminent newspapers and magazines in the former Yugoslavia (“Pavliha”- Ljubljana, “Borba”, “Expres-Politika” and “Jez”- Belgrade, “Oslobodjenje”- Sarajevo and many others). Artworks by Jordan Pop-Iliev were frequently republished in many periodicals worldwide. He also collaborated with famous satirical magazine “Nebelspalter” in Swizerland and with most circular newspaper in that time in Macedonia – “Vecher”, where he created famous daily cartoons “Black and White in Colour”. Currently, he is regular collaborator of the satirical magazine “Osten” – Skopje and the daily newspaper “Dnevnik”. He illustrated many books and schoolbooks for primary and secondary education in the Republic of Macedonia. His own book of cartoons “Horns” was published in 1977. Pop-lliev is one of the founders of the Asociation of the cartoonists of the Republic of Macedonia and its first secretary since 1981, as well as initiator and organizer of the first Macedonian exhibitions abroad. His first individual exhibition was organized within the Festival “Satyrykon” in Legnica – Poland in 1980. He had personal exhibitions also in Amsterdam 1984, Trento 1989, Skopje and other towns in Macedonia. Jordan Pop-Iliev participated in many both national and international cartoon competitions and festivals and his artworks have been awarded numerous prestigious prizes and acknowledgements, such as follow:

International Awards:

  • Skopje – World Gallery 1975, 1979, 1981, 1983, 2000
  • “Nasreddin Hodja” – Turkey 1977, 1989, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1999
  • Montreal – Canada 1980
  • Pistoia – Italy 1979
  • Pescara – Italy 1980, 1982
  • Tolentino – Italy 1981, 1983
  • Kragujevac – Yugoslavia 1981
  • Montecatini – Italy 1982
  • Duisburg – Germany 1983, 1986
  • Beringen – Belgium 1984
  • Ancona – Italy 1985
  • Gabrovo – Bulgaria 1987
  • Istanbul – Turkey 1987, 1996
  • Trento – Italy 1988
  • Bosh – Belgium 1990
  • Zaporozie – Ukraine 1991
  • Knokke – Belgium 1991
  • Kune – Italy 1991
  • Amsterdam – Holland 1991
  • Foligno – Italy 1993
  • Kazan – Tataria 1994
  • Sao Paulo – Brazil 1994
  • Bratislava – Slovakia 1994
  • Essen – Germany 1997
  • Ankara – Turkey 2000
  • Haifa – Israel 2000
  • Celje – Slovenia 2001

Awards from the former Yugoslav Republics and Macedonia:

  • The award “Ikar” at the Aviation Cartoon Zemun, 1977
  • A charter of “Jez” – Belgrade for an exeptional author’s collaboration in 1985
  • Award of the Association of cartoonists of Macedonia for the Best cartoon, 1984
  • A labour medal (for cartoon) by the Presidency of Yugoslavia, 1986
  • First prize in Imotski, at the Yugoslav Cartoon Competition “Agriculture”, 1989
  • Kopaonik – Yugoslavia – an award for ecological cartoon, 1990

Since 2000, he stopped counting achieved awards – the total number of awards received to date are approximately 150 various prizes from many world competitions. Cartoons of Jordan Pop-Iliev are published in around 500 festival catalogues and cartoon exhibitions.

In 1990 the festival “Andromeda” in Trento – Italy included him in the choice of several authors from the world for the exhibition throughout Italy, entitled as “Apartheid” which has been published in a book. The festival Knokke Heist in Belgium, many times chose his cartoons for calendars and other advertising materials. His cartoons are represented in many cartoon museums (Tolentino, Trento, Teheran, Gabrovo, Berlin, Istanbul, Mexico, Warshaw, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro and others). He is living and working in Skopje, Macedonia.


We invite all fans of cartoons on a representative tour through the exhibition, which brings an overview to many years of successful creative work of renowned cartoonist Jordan Pop-Iliev from Macedonia.

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