Almost from the cosmic spheres – not just metaphorically but also in reality – landed in the field of cartoons expert on Cosmic radiophysics Vladimir Kazanevsky (1950), and with his creative work of superior quality and with his great success at international cartoon competitions soon gained a well-deserved respect and recognition throughout the world. A man who knew the secrets of the universe, paradoxically, gave finally preference to the microcosm of the human soul – its feelings he managed to express visually by extraordinarily suggestive manner. This exceptional ability ranked him immediately among the artists that push the bar in Cartoon Art to the record heights. Vladimir Kazanevsky is now an elite creator of absolute world-class – he is without any doubt one of the most successful and most admired cartoonists of the world and his work deservedly belongs to the golden fund of world art.


Let’s look more closely at his life and the artistic career: Vladimir Kazanevsky was born in 1950 in town of Lebedin, Ukraine. He graduated from Kharkov State University, department “Cosmic radiophysics” in 1973 and Kiev Institute of Journalism Skill, department “Press artist” in 1984. Currently he works as a free-lance comic artist and writer.

His cartoons have been published in many newspapers and magazines arround the world – for example, in the newspapers “Yomiuri Shimbun” (Japan), “Izvestiya” (Russia), “Kiev Post“(Ukraine) etc., in the magazines “Courrier International” (France), “Nebelspalter” (Switzerland), “Witty World” (USA), ”Ogonyek” (Russia), “Welcome to Ukraine” (Ukraine), “Eulenspiegel” (Germany) and many others. Personal cartoon books “Heads“, “Homo Gibber”, “Neck” and “Revelation of Elderly Cupid“, “Modern cartoonist Vladimir Kazanevsky” have been published in Belgium, Switzerland, China and Ukraine. The book about the theory of cartoon art “Art of Modern Cartoon” had published in Ukraine in English and Russian (2003).

Vladimir Kazanevsky presented his artworks at numerous personal exhibitions worldwide – e.g. Kiev, Ukraine (1985, 1987, 2010, 2012); Beograd, Yugoslavia (1989); Constanca, Romania (1991); Budapest, Hungary (1992); Bruxelles, Belgium (1992); Kruishoutem, Belgium (1995); Prokupje, Jugoslavia (1997); Antverp, Belgium (1996); Leuven, Belgium (1994, 1996, 2000); Tielt-Winge, Belgium (1998); Oakland, California (1999); Osaka, Japan (2000); Urziceni, Romania (2001);Tehran, Iran (2002); Dijon, France (2003); Tehran, Iran (2006), Tarnobjek, Poland (2007).

Vladimir Kazanevsky is one of the most successful cartoonists of the world – he was awarded more than 360 prestigious prizes at the International Cartoon Competitions in 44 countries, as for example:

– Hidezo Kondo Prize on the “Yomiuri International Cartoon Contest” in Tokyo, Japan (1990);

– Grand Prix on the “World Cartoon Gallery” in Skopje, Macedonia (1996, 1998);

– Grand Prix on the “4-th International Competition” in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain (1996);

– First Prize on the “International Cartoon Competition” in Cuneo, Italy (1998, 2000);

– Grand Prix on the “2nd International Caricature Forum” in Dubai, UAE (2002);

– Grand Prix on the “12th International Cartoon Contest” in Daejeon, South Korea (2003);

– Grand Prix on the “International Cartoon Contest” in Seoul, South Korea (2003),

– Gold medal on the “Yomiuri Int`l Cartoon Contest” in Tokyo, Japan (2006); etc.

Vladimir Kazanevsky is also known as lecturer – he has given the lectures on the Theory of Cartoon Art and workshops on International Conferences of Humor: Laie, Hawaii, USA (1989); Paris, France (1992); Luxembourg (1993); Oakland, California (1999); Osaka, Japan (2000); Ankara, Turkey (1998); Tehran, Iran (2001); Bologna, Italy (2002); Dijon, France (2003); Universities in South Korea (2003), Beijijng, China (2011).

Vladimir Kazanevsky is living and working in Kiev, Ukraine.


Thus, today we can offer you a real delicacy – the masterpieces of absolute world-class cartoonist Vladimir Kazanevsky. Be our guest and enjoy fully this exceptional exposure.

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