Cartooning makes him deeply happy. Thanks to cartoons, as he says, he lives higher life. Only in his studio he feels ceremonially and pure as if he has been educated in heaven. He says that cartoon is his “religion”. Stabor’s definition of cartoon is: “Cartoon is a satanic seducer. It is dynamite which blows everything up into the air and lays down again!” He is focused to cartooning with all his intellect, finding in it the only meaning in permanency. And he still has much to tell us.



Borislav Stankovic – Stabor was born in 1949, in the city of Bor, Serbia. He studied law from 1969 to 1973 when he quit college without graduating and started his career as a cartoonist. His early works were periodically published in student magazines, untill the beginning of July 1973 when he began working on comment cartoons for “Dnevnik”, a daily Novi Sad newspaper.

Later, he has worked for daily paper “Blic”, which had the largest print in Serbia & Montenegro and it was one of the three oppositional daily papers which succeeded, by four year struggle under almost impossible conditions (often bans, arresting of its journalists and news boys, fines to editors, refusals to print the paper by Milosevic’s printing works etc.) in presenting the true picture of reality to the public, which motivated the citizens to vote against Milosevic’s, for the first time in the last 10 years. During the conflict between Milosevic regime and “the whole world” (NATO alliance), Stabor through his cartoons commented daily the violence and suffering of both sides. The result of that hard work in difficult circumstances was the publishing of sharply satirical cartoon book. It is called “I want YU” and it artistically describes 76 days of bombing. The book was translated also into English.

Stabor is working as a professional cartoonist for 40 years and his cartoons have been published in many Serbian and international newspapers and magazines, such as “The New York Times”, Milwaukee Journal”, “La Presse”, “Nebelspalter”, “Eulenspiegel”, “Hürriyet Vakfı”, “The Yomiuri Shimbun”, “The Asahi Shimbun”, “Jež”, “NIN”, “Politika”, etc. For many years, he has been the collaborator of the famous Swiss magazine “Nebelspalter” and during that period, he has published over 180 colour cartoons (over a whole page or double) and 6 covers.

Stabor had six individual exhibitions (Yugoslavia, 3xSerbia, Poland, Canada) and participated in more than 550 collective cartoon exhibitions around the world. He has won more than 150 prizes in some of the most important cartoon festivals on the planet. The most important prizes are: Silver medal – World Cartoon Gallery Skopje, Macedonia,1986; Golden Pencil – World Cartoon Exhibition Legnica, Poland,1986; Grand Prix – International Saloon of Cartoons Montreal, Canada,1986; Golden medal – World Cartoon Exhibition, Semarang, Indonesia,1986; Golden medal – The Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo, Japan,1987; Silver medal – World Biennial Ancona, Italy,1987; Silver medal – World Biennial Ancona, Italy,1989; Yasuo Yoshitomi prize – Kyoto, Japan,1991; Silver medal – International Cartoon Contest Seoul, Korea,1991; Golden medal – The Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo, Japan,1994; Grand Prix – Taeyon Expo Seoul, Korea,1995; Asahi Shimbun prize – Kyoto, Japan,1996; Golden medal – International Cartoon Contest Seoul, Korea,1996; Golden medal – The Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo, Japan,1997; Grand Prix – The New Statesman London, United Kingdom, 1998; Silver Tulip prize – World exhibition, Eindhoven, Holland, 1998; Grand Prix – International Saloon of cartoons, Zemun, Ex Yugoslavia,1998; Grand Prix – International Cartoon Exhibition,Taipei,Taiwan, China, 2002; Silver medal – International Cartoon Contest Porto, Portugal, 2004; Silver medal – International Cartoon Exhibition Beijing, China, 2006; Golden medal – International Cartoon Exhibition Legnica, Poland, 2007.

He was a member of the international jury’s session (Canada, Belgium, Poland, Turkey-3 times).

In 1996, Stabor was announced as one of top ten cartoonists in the world by Cartoon department of Seika University in Kyoto, and at the same time he was selected for visiting professor at this university where he held lectures about cartoons and ilustrations. He is living and working in Belgrade, Serbia.


Creation of cartoons makes Stabor very happy – and we must say that his creative work makes very happy millions of admirers of his cartoons. So, let’s spend a few pleasant but also freezing moments while watching his excellent cartoons.

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