……It does not happen very often that we have such a rare opportunity to admire the brilliant cartoons of Mikhail Zlatkovsky . In this case is really true the classic “nomen omen” – we can say without any hesitation that artist’s “golden hands” created a work that already belongs to the fund of the cultural heritage of mankind. …..And yet perhaps even Fates, who stood at the cradle of Mikhail Zlatkovsky could not become to an agreement what life paths should be attributed to him. For a long time it seemed that it would be a path of serious scientist of an exact discipline. Young Mikhail Zlatkovsky studied at the prestigious Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics, Department of Nuclear Physics from which he graduated with Master degree. Immediately he began working on his doctoral thesis, which he successfully completed and everything pointed to the great scientific career which had been awaiting him. But then came a turning point. Suddenly he made a turnover of 180 ° and from day to day he left everything, to what until then devoted all his strength and went to the uncertain career of a freelance artist. Realizing that he did not want to serve by his scientific work to the unworthy regime and turned to the only love that he still remained – the passion of art that he adored since his childhood. Whatever was the impulse of such a sudden change we can be grateful to it for having triggered the birth of creative genius of arthumour. His robust talent immediately flared up as a meteor, and began to reap a success one by another at International Cartoon competitions around the world. Immediately he has become a respected personality of the world cartooning scene.

…..He became a leading representative of the new wave of young Russian artists, independent of the official ideology. The thematic range of his work is extremely broad, but it is never just a simple joking, in his work is always present deep thoughtfulness, philosophical view, psychological immersion and often also terrifying visions. He does not run away from any issues, there is also not missing erotic shaded creation and a full separate chapter of his creative work is formed by his political satire. It was just Mikhail Zlatkovsky, who first dared to draw a cartoon of Gorbachev, the publication of which was in 1987 prohibited. Yet another 2-3 years remained the only one who drew satirical pictures of the political happenings in the country. Then, when it became clear that it is safe, others were emboldened.

…..The strength of his ideas depicted by his brilliant technique brought him international recognition in the form of the countless awards and Zlatkovsky quickly grew beyond his native Russia. In 1992, he was deservedly chosen as the best cartoonist in the world.

For several years he lived and worked in USA, but later returned home, where he became a Professor at the Moscow State University and art director of the group of periodicals and also valued member of a number of professional associations. He is often invited to be President or a member of international juries of Cartoon Competitions worldwide. In 2009 in France he was decorated by Order of Legion of Honour. …..In addition to his creative work he deals a lot of time to organizational activities – he is the President of the Russian Union of Cartoonists. He collected, completed and created several exciting collections of Russian humor and satire, which were with great success exhibited in France, China, Italy and Sweden.

…..It is therefore undoubtedly a great event that we can in the Cartoon Gallery present to all fans of cartoons of high quality a representative collection of artworks by one of the biggest giants of the world cartooning. …..We wish you a great artistic experience.

Finally, according to the wish of the master himself we add his own words :

Mikhail Zlatkovsky :

“If I would not pay so huge attention to girls, vodka and tennis, may be I would be the great artist indeed”

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