Happy 2016

Conclusion of every year is a period of evaluation, the beginning of a new one is a time of resolutions and hopes. Each of us very well knows that in the past year happened too many horrible things. Some events injured us deeply and caused us huge scars. Many frightening memories prevent us from living as before.

From some strange reasons, however, the negative emotions have in our lives much higher preferences at the expense of the positive ones. Whether we watch any television or other news, they immediately swamp us by a huge amount of negative informations, showing us catastrophic situations one after another. Everywhere only misery, suffering and death. One wonders how it is possible that we are still alive.

In doing so, we still overlook that at the same time with these events is daily happening an immense amount of positive things – just today a lot of people experienced the most beautiful day in their lives, many of them performed beautiful actions and good deeds, they met the greatest love in their lives, maybe a long awaited child born to them, perhaps they fulfilled even the greatest dreams and desires of their lives… But as if it would not be lawful to take pleasure, enjoy life, friendship, or love, if there is so much unhappiness all around… Is it really impossible? Really we cannot be happy until all the people on the Earth will be happy? There are really a lot of such questions.

Let us try to use our imagination: Suppose that there is an universal energetic field which accumulates all energies, regardless of their polarization. In such a case, it would be possible to balance or even neutralize any negativity by an equal quantity of positive energy. If that were the case, we have some hope that we are able to contribute to a positive change of the world. Then every positive emotion which we add into this energy field, everything nice, what we experience and what we allow to experience to the others, each piece of luck which we donate to someone, might be our contribution to a more balanced, better world. We can give into the “bank” of Universe the best of ourselves, that what we like most, what we know best. A constructor can contribute with a wonderful building, an engineer with a powerful and reliable mechanism, a cook with delicious dishes, a poet with inspirational poetry, an artist with quality drawings, paintings, cartoons.

At this moment many of cartoonists ask themselves the question, what can their drawings achieve, what are the possibilities of this subtle art? The cartoon, of course, is not a firearm, it has no sharpened blade, it’s just a virtual tool that can hardly resist the real hurting and murdering weapons. It’s just a mark on paper, a line, just a thought, only a trace in the consciousness, flapping of wings of a butterfly. Can the flap of a butterfly’s wings change anything? Surprisingly, even among the reputable scientific personalities there are those who think that yes. We won’t stop to hope even in 2016.

Happy New Year, dear friends.


Thank you for all your greetings and wishes – here are some of them:

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